BMW 3-Series Manual or Auto Transmission?

pdude1pdude1 Member Posts: 47
What do you like better, the manual or auto on the 335i? I found the manual a little touchy as maybe I just need to get used to it as I used to drive a VTEC GS-R 5-speed. The automatic was very smooth.

Also how's the gas mileage on the manual when you're just cruising vs. tearing up the roads? :-)


  • amjusticeamjustice Member Posts: 4
    I am in a similar debate, I have never owned or really driven a manual for an extended period of time. As of right now I am leaning towards getting a manual, i will be learning on a friends car in the near future.
  • golfnut802golfnut802 Member Posts: 10
    Personally, while the manual is fun to drive and the car is quicker, I do too much city driving and find the manual to be a bit of a pain. I went for the automatic, no regrets.
  • garythepowersgarythepowers Member Posts: 3
    Automatics these days are getting pretty good.
    However nothing is as invovling as a great manual transmission.

    How will you be using the car?
    Why types of roads will you be driving?
    Will you be doing anything else while your are dirving? (eating, on the phone, shaving?)

    When I drive now I have a pretty good commute where traffic isn't too painful. I don't eat and drive. When I'm driving it is my main focus and a manual transmission suits that drive just fine.

    A manual transmission on the right drive will be funner!
  • pdude1pdude1 Member Posts: 47
    For me I've always driven stick whether I was crusing on the flat desert plains or the hills of San Francisco. I personally like sticks esp' with the engine. I picked up the manual. Though sometimes I wonder if I would be more happier with an auto as I must be getting old... autos are very easy to drive and I can reach for my drink without worry...ha ha ha ha ha
  • upnorth2upnorth2 Member Posts: 12
    We purchased a new 328xi about a year ago. My wife had always driven automatics so it took a little persuasion to get her to agree to a manual. We both love the car and enjoy the 6 speed. Its a fun car to drive and gets great gas mileage. It averages close to 30 mpg around town and on the highway. She has never regretted the transmission choice. It shifts as smooth as glass.
  • circlewcirclew Member Posts: 8,665
    Here is some ammunition to revive this discussion...or not!!!

    link title

    Goodbye Miss American Tranny!

  • omar_liendoomar_liendo Member Posts: 1
    I am currently in the same dilemma! I am about to purchase a 335i and i really want to get the Manual one but my wife has never driven manual before and she is afraid she will not be able to to learn it and therefore, she will not be able to drive it. Tell me, how did you convince your wife to go with the Manual? How long did it take her to learn? Any tips will be appreciated!
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