What to look for in a 4Runner

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So I finally decided I want a 4Runner, after looking all around for price/look/style I think I would like somewhere around a 94/95/96 are there any major things to look for when buying a 4Runner, any pros/cons to buying one?


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    Well, you first have to decide which model you want. There are rear-wheel drives and 4-wheel drives. There are V-6s and V-8s. There are SR5s, Sport Editions and Limiteds. So you need to pick one from about a dozen.

    To do that you need to decide what kind of driving you'll be doing. T4Rs are great off-road vehicles. If you plan on doing heavy towing, you'll need the V-8.

    The biggest pro of buying a T4R is Toyota reliability. This SUV is built entirely in Japan and is on a real truck ladder frame. It is not a crossover. Very solid and sturdy.

    If you're used to gas mileage in the mid to upper 20s, then this isn't the vehicle for you. But it does get decent mileage for a SUV, especially compared to its competition. We have an '08 and our experience has actually been better than what was posted on the window sticker.

    The biggest con would be the amount of scheduled maintenance, especially if you have the 4-wheel drive version and tow a lot.

    Most everyone I know who has a 4Runner loves it.
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    Well I didnt realize there where so many types of models. I wouldnt be using it that much for heavy off road or towing only maybe a little if my wife and I go to the beach. I would mostly use it for a commuter to and from work about 18miles round trip, 3-4times a week and occasional city driving.

    also maintenance wise are we talking about high priced maintenence or just the usual oil change/tire-engine check?
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    He said he was looking at 94-96 4Runners -- no V8 back then. Just an underpowered V6.
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    I have a 4X4 2006 and I am not aware of any special maintenance requirements except having to grease the 4 universal joints and the slip joints. Is there something else?
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    My understanding was the V8 was introduced with the 4th generation 4Runner back in '03.

    4WD maintenance includes inspecting drive staft boots; and inspecting, lubricating and, if you tow, re-torquing the impeller shaft bolt. Nothing too serious, but items that need attention nevertheless.
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    I am thinking about buying a Toyota 4Runner RWD SR5 with 133,000 miles on it. I am going for a test drive today but it looks like it is in perfect condition accept a small oil leak I was told about. A few of my buddies told me to not buy it because it had so many miles, but I think they are great vehicles and last forever. Is there anything I should about like different problems before I get this???? Please get back to me ASAP! Thanks.

    PS- Any information will help me big time, seeing that I got screwed on my last deal.
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    I assume that you don't drive somewhere that it snows. If you do, you'd be much better served by a 4WD.
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