Air tank on a 2005 Tahoe

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I would like to install an air tank on the underside of my '05 Tahoe, measuring 20" by 7" round to power air horns and an auxiliary air supply. Any ideas on where this might fit. The compressor fits nicely under the hood and all lines can be concealed. I want to avoid any cargo space mounting if possible.


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    Are you familiar with the hobby sites like Horns Inc.? Their project pages may give you some ideas.

    I spent Thanksgiving in Manzanillo a few years back during regional election season, and we were walking along a beach road when a train scared the heck out of us. Turned out there was an election parade approaching from 2 blocks away and someone had mounted some locomotive horns on their pickup. Sounded just like the real thing. :D

    There's been a few occasions when I could have used a setup like that.
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    Thanks for the site info. I have not seen that one before. I have looked at, however I still cannot find anyone with a set-up which does not look like they removed the spare tire in order to install the air tank.
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    if you have a 1500/ 1/2 ton - possibly above spare tire/ you can also try on r/s floor-pan area near transfer case towards rear / your fuel tank is on l/s . if you have 2500/ 3/4 ton , as i have -( dual tanks) ,rear one above spare already. tm
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    Thanks. My Tahoe does not have the space like a 1500/2500 would. I will look under the spare. I think the answer would be a skinnier, longer tank rather than a 20 x 7.
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