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86 ford E-150 Conversion Van (Convert from Gas to Diesel)

alumicarus1alumicarus1 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Ford
Hi, I have a MINT 86 ford Econoline 150 with a 5.0 Gas engine.

The vehicle is a conversion van and has 60K miles but I would like to put a Diesel engine in it.

Does anywone know if the 86 ever had this option (i.e. the 7.3 Liter engine)
And does anyone know where I can get such a van for parts..

I could have the engine re-built and use all of the ancillary diesel components from the junk van..

Fuel prices are going up.. Diesel is more efficient :-) (Also I plan on converting it to run on Vegi Oil)


  • LadyEagles5LadyEagles5 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a website that I can get the value of my 1994 E-150 Conversion Van. I was in a wreck and cannot get anyone that can give me an estimate on the correct value of the van. Please Please Help!
  • chevanchevan Member Posts: 10
    Did you ever get your van fixed? The only comparable pricing I would use would be a "94 Ford E-150 Chateau model. It's the stock luxury passenger model but you may already know that. pbl
  • mandilonmandilon Member Posts: 1
    I'd like to convert a similar van to a 1980- 1983 5cyl. diesel, hook-up the Ford overdrive tranny with a 4.90 or thereabouts diferential.
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