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    I have an '04 Trailblazer that I bought used with 19,000 miles on it. Over the past year, I started having problems out of it and am slightly disgusted with it. I love my trailblazer but am afraid that Chevy may have produced a few lemons with these vehicles. I had to replace the alternator about a year ago. Less than 2 months later, it had to be replaced again. Then the battery died and had to be replaced. When the battery died, it began a whole new set of problems. My passenger and rear vents will only blow out heat no matter where I set the temperature to on the climate control. If my fuel level gets low enough for the fuel light to come on, within a minute or so the fuel hand will start going back up like I'm pumping gas in to it. The check engine light is constantly coming on and off. If I turn the fan on high, I get a vibration noise. I took it to a dealership when the AC stopped working correctly. I also told them about the other problems I was having. They said that my HVAC control head, blower motor, and passenger side actuator were all bad and needed to be replaced. They charged me $100 to tell me what was wrong and then wanted $2000 to fix it. They still didn't tell me what was causing the rest of the problems. My car isn't worth much more than the AC repair cost at this point. Anyone having any of these problems? Can some of this be fixed on my own? I have a friend who is a mechanic and he said that this wasn't very complicated. He even gave me a printed diagram of where everything is located as far as the AC parts go, but I still have no idea about the other problems. Any suggestions? PLEASE help!!!!

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    Ignition switch.
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    If the Ac works and all of sudden switches to hot out of only one side of the vents and once you shut the  The  vehicle off it goes back to normal it's the door bend  actuator real simple to replace its located under the right side of the dash to the right of the center consol where your feet go cost $20-30$ 
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