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Toyota Sequoia Seats

deel2003deel2003 Member Posts: 1
That's a big plus for me, esp. if I'm going to be getting a $60k plus SUV. On the edmunds full test drive of the 2008 Sequoia, it lists as "not available" when comparing with other SUV's in it's class.

Any '08 owners can confirm this?



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    trebor129trebor129 Member Posts: 176
    The Platinum does, the others do not.
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    dereck1dereck1 Member Posts: 1
    I am researching the same question and getting more and more frustrated that no one can answer my question. I was told by the Toyota people that the Limited should have it on but that it is an option. When I bought the Squoia the dealers said nothing about this. I thought the same thing. You buy a 50-60K car fully loaded why would it not have memory seats! They are suppose to be getting back to me on this.
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    hdfatboyhdfatboy Member Posts: 324
    I'm pretty sure that only the Platinum has memory seats. There are 2 memory settings and each one provides memory for the driver's seat positon (athough not the lumbar or thigh bolster position) plus the exterior mirrors and the tilt/telescope position of the steering column. Each key fob can also be set so that when the vehicle is opened with one or the other fob, it will be linked to 1 or the other memory settings.
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    kgarykgary Member Posts: 180
    I know that our Platinum has memory seats.
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    sirrafsirraf Member Posts: 55

    Memory seats are not available on the Limited. If you need memory seats then you will have to get the Platimum model.
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    delko1delko1 Member Posts: 3
    Are the third row seats in the sequoia powered or manual.

    Are there controls at the inside rear to open the power liftgate from inside?

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    hdfatboyhdfatboy Member Posts: 324
    "Are the third row seats in the sequoia powered or manual."

    Depends which Sequoia model you're looking at. The powered split 3rd row seat is included in the Platinum model. Its included in other packages as standard or as an option. There are controls to lower and raise the powered 3rd row seats from the rear with the hatch open and there are duplicate controls on each side that can be reached with the second doors open. The controls inside each rear door control the split 3rd row seat on that side.

    The 3rd row folding seat switches are deactivated when the vehicle is underway.

    "Are there controls at the inside rear to open the power liftgate from inside?"
    Yes, there is a rear powered hatch control that is located in the rear but it is only functional when the door is open. The rear hatch switch is deactivated when the hatch is closed. This switch is designed to close the hatch by pressing it for 2-3 secs. A tone will activate to alert those around the door that it is preparing to close. The rear hatch can be opened by power using the switch on the dash or opening it manually with the exterior handle. It can be closed by using either the power switch on the dash, the power switch in the rear or closing it manually.

    The rear window can be opened/closed using a separate switch on the dash or using the key in the hatch to raise or lower the window by turning and holding the key left or right.

    The is no mechanism for someone in the second or 3rd rows to open the hatch from inside the vehicle. All the better to avoid the little one's from inadvertently tumbling down the highway. (Or losing one of the little devils by design:)
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    warwickmonwarwickmon Member Posts: 27
    I have a Platinum (1 week!). How do you link the memory seats to the key fob? I know it's probably in the manual but you know how that goes.


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    hdfatboyhdfatboy Member Posts: 324
    Its actually pretty straight forward however its more easily explained in the manual than I could write here. You're also going to want the instructions with you so its simply better do do the "linkage" at the vehicle with the manual opened to the instructions.
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    warwickmonwarwickmon Member Posts: 27
    Did it. Very easy. Thanks, Warwickmon.
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    juryandjudgejuryandjudge Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I have two kids in car seats (4 yrs and 1.5yr) with another on the way. We are shopping for a full sized SUV to replace her VW Touareg (glad to be getting rid of the VW - German engineering is an oxymoron), and the Sequoia is at the top of the list. With a soon-to-have load of 3 kids in car seats we are trying to figure out the best seat configuration, particularly in the second row - she likes the idea of captains chairs with no center console because it looks more luxurious and allows for easier access to the third row, I think the 40/20/40 bench will be more useful in the immediate future and over time. So here are some questions for the group - and no, my wife doesn't want the minivan :

    1. Can you fit three car seats across the second row of the Sequoia?
    2. If a car seat goes in the third row, what's the most convenient placement for it, either outboard or in the middle?

    If anyone has any other advice on a situation such as this, please share. Thanks!

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    robhorobho Member Posts: 9
    When we purchased our 2007 Sequoia two years ago we had a 7 year old in a booster seat, a 5 year old in a booster and a 1 year old in a full size car seat. We managed to fit all 3 in the 2nd row with little effort. Not sure about having 2 full size car seats in the row with a booster. If you do I would reccomend putting the booster in the middle. Of course by doing this you will have no access to the 3rd row seats which may or may not be a problem for you. Still better than a minivan.
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    5ofharts5ofharts Member Posts: 1
    Here are my thoughts for what it's worth. we started out in SUVs too. Hated/still hate mini vans. Alas, you can not put 3 car seats in a row in ANY vehicle. And here's why...
    the universal anchor bolt that is nestled in the vehicles seats, (the U-shaped things that you latch the baby seat belts to), are only intended to have one seat latched to it. Often times, vehciles only have these anchors in the two outside seats...hence nothing to attache the middle child seat to...unless of course your oldest is in a booster in which case you can use the regular seat beat for that child and put her/him in the middle.
    Here's you ebst corse of action. The Sequoia is expensive...get the dealer to let you take it out for the night or two and gie it a whirl.
    We're in the market for one too but have three kids and aren't so sure about the flicking of the middle row seat forward to access the back.
    Good luck.
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    loucapriloucapri Member Posts: 214
    Not sure if the new one has 3 latch system on 2nd row and how many in the 3rd. Even in the new Sienna, only 1 latch in the 3rd row and 2 on the 2nd.

    If you kid is old enough to use booster seat, shouldn't be a problem I guess.
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    mrtuvomrtuvo Member Posts: 2
    In the market for a 2012 Sequoia. I noticed that when the 3rd row seat is folded, it appears to bump right up to the 2nd row seats. Can someone confirm if the 2nd row seats can still fully recline with the 3rd row folded?
    Does it make any difference with the 2nd row bucket seats?
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