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Expedition pedal adjustment motor

glen_cglen_c Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Ford
Hi, I have an '04 EB and recently the pedal adjustment has failed. It's not an electrical problem because the pedals do move about an inch. It seems like something is jamming them but I cannot see anything. Perhaps the motor is failing? Looks like a very tight space to try to remove the motor.


  • I have the same issue on my 03 Expedition. It also only moves about 1in. The dealership says it is the motor. Did you hear anything different? It's not hard to remove.
  • glen_cglen_c Posts: 4
    I took it apart and the motor is fine. There is a cable from the motor (at the gas pedal) to the brake assmbly. The gear in the brake pedal assembly has 3 missing teeth. Haven't got a price on it but looks like I would have to buy the whole assembly. It's a tough place to try to work....a 2 year old is about all you can fit under the dash to work!
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