2004 Envoy 'idler pulley'/'belt tensioner pulley'

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i have a 2004 envoy with the v6. It's starting to make a squealing after it rains or heavy dew in the morning. I was told it was the idler pulley. When i went to look for a chiltons manual, only to find they don't make one for the 04-05 envoys, the sales guy told me it was called a belt tensioner pulley. Who is right? Also if I take it on the expressway, the speedomer will some times not fully goto zero when stopping, then on acceleration will make it say i'm doing 100 when i am only doing 55. Any help would be great!!


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    Your envoy has both pulleys. The tensioner pulley is on the left side of the motor as you are looking at it, below the power steering pump. The idler pulley is on the right side, below the alternator. Assuming it's the same as my '02 and I think it is. Don't know what to tell you about the speedo, sending unit? I'd be more concerned about it clocking more miles than actual!
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    A "fun" alternative to the speedo problem is to get a handheld GPS unit (like a Garmin) and use that to see what your speed is (obviously this approach only applies during daylight hours).

    I've found it to be remarkably accurate and I see my car's speedo registers the same as my Garmin.
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    Anyones help will be appreciated! I have an '03 Envoy XL and my a/c doesn't always pump out cold air. If you turn it off then back on it sometimes turns back on. Its about 100 degrees here and i need a solution. I'm thinking its a wire loose or somethin. thanks
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    My Envoy has been trouble free and has 56,000 miles on it .. until now. A low humm and slight vibration occurs when I come to a stop or when I start it up and, while standing still, put it in gear. Have ruled out brakes because it happens when I am standing still. May be making humm and vibration at driving speeds but can't tell; only when I slow down. It does not do it all the time, which is perplexing. And the engine runs smoothly. I have never had the transmission oil changed or flushed. Could the transmission be a problem? GMC has told me over the phone it is valve problem as they had problems with that year, but I can't believe it is valves. Unfortunately, the 50,000 mile extended warranty I purchased when I bought the car new is no good. Any other Envoy owners experience this problem?

    Also have had problems with fuel gauge last two months. Seems like when I re-fuel, gauge will go to empty with light on. After driving 20 or 30 miles or after three or four starts, gauge works fine. Next fill-up, starts all over again. I took the cap off and back on to see if that triggered it, but it did not. Only when I put gas in. Love this car but these two problems are driving me crazy. Thanks
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    My wife also has a 2005 with about 37000 miles. Its been a very troublesome vehicle in the short time we've had it. About 30 days ago she noticed the same problem with the gauge that your having. I could just scream at the fact that the warranty is up now and this will cost us to repair. All I of done so far is call the dealership and left a message with the girl I know there to call me back.

    we've had the truck 1 year:

    *license plate panel rear rubber seal warped twice- replaced both times

    *Both "Envoy" and "GMC" rear chrome emblem fell off- both replaced

    *Driver door hinge adjusted-door catch problem

    *Driver side panel door pull loose

    *Passenger side rear seat -leather completely off bottom of seat frame

    *Passenger front door weather strip ripped-replaced-door was closing too tight

    This vehicle was only driven by a women with no children-I know the family

    I just stumbled on this site, and will look around for some answers. Please let me know if you find out something.Ive owned many cars and never had a fuel gauge problem before,ridiculous.

    Thanks Tom
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    just had my local mechanic (one I trust and has contacts with GMC) fix fuel gauge problem. Had to drop gas tank and put in new fuel sensor chip/switch. Part cost $134 and with labor total fix was $400.
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    Well that's a darn shame. What a waste of $400........that part should never have gone bad. Now I'll have to do the same. Thanks for the follow up post/email. Did you have any other problems with your Envoy or some like the ones I mentioned?

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    No other problems other than the low humm and vibration which still exists yet there are no codes showing on the computer that indicated anything is wrong. Actually, of all the cars I have owned (save for the 1976 280Z) this Envoy has been the best by far. Gas mileage is a real problem, but knew that going in. Ride is great, towing is great, and pretty luxurious for the price. Just wish they could figure out the humm and vibration.
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    I have an 04 Envoy XUV, and i had the same problem with my speedometer, except the voltage guage also went, and the water pressure light went out...i had to replace my guage cluster, it was 275.55 plus labor charges. I also get the squealing, i changed my belt to a gatorback belt, and if im not mistaken your tensioner pulley is a plastic pulley underneath the power steering pump..i havent replaced mine yet, so I can't tell you how much it costs. But after i replaced the belt, it eliminated quite a bit of squel.
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    Did the new fuel sensor chip/Switch fix the problem? I am having the same problem with my 05 XLT.

    Thanks for the help.
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