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Toyota Tundra starting problems

tjrphxtjrphx Member Posts: 1
I have a low miles (20K) 2004 Tundra with the 4.7 L V8 (2UZ-FE engine code) with the 4sp auto trans. I bought it new in Aug. '04 and as soon as the winter weather arrived & temps dropped below 40-50 f, (I live in Phoenix, AZ. That IS winter weather), the truck wouldn't start without re-trying 2 to several times, turning key off to start positions. And it was very intermittant. It would perform perfectly for the Toyota tech every time. So they replaced the battery. A few days later, same problem. Back to Toyota, No solution. I've been putting up with it ever since.

It seems the starter is computor controlled. If you just bump the start position when you turn the key, the starter will keep cranking until the engine fires. Conversly, if you hold the key in the start position too long, the starter will stop and disengage as soon as the engine fires. Smart starter, huh!

Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know where the "smart" circuit is or what chip controls the starter motor? I gotta get this fixed while I'm still on warranty, Two days ago it took me about twenty minutes to get it started. Before it was just a nuisance, now it's a problem. And the tech at the dealer seems to be in the dark as to where the fault is. Does anybody know of a Toyota tech help phone number?

I'm not optimistic about talking the dealers service dept. into replacing the CPU that manages the engine. $$$$$!


  • sticks2sticks2 Member Posts: 2
  • sticks2sticks2 Member Posts: 2
    starter tries to engage when truck is just started, had a viper alarm that was connected disconnected with remote start, thought that was the problem but it is still happening. help
  • pvtcablepvtcable Member Posts: 7
    I bought a 2012 tundra in June of 2012. About it started having some issues in July however in October is when the problems continued almost every 2 weeks.Toyota has finally fessed up that there is indeed a problem with the oxygen levels when using various types of fuel.
    it is a problem and there is no fix at this point. I have dropped my truck off at the dealership and gave him the keys back and currently involved with lemon law attorneys.Toyota knows about this problem however they are not telling anyone when they are purchasing these vehicles.when the temperature is 50 degrees or less this will occur. Toyota tells me all I have to do is move to a warmer climate, never go under a quarter tank of gas, never run the vehicle for less than 5 minutes, always use flex fuelif you can find it. If that doesn't work you can always bring it back to the dealership. The problem will happen when you fill up 7 to 8 *. I drive almost 50,000 miles a year so I would betaking it in for service all the time.they are 3rd to come out to my home each time they also offered to make a monthly payment for me they also offered to give me a full 100,000 mile warranty. All I really want is the truck that I bought for 50,000 dollars to run properly and that I can depend on it.the dealership had suggested that I contact an attorney and use the lemon law to get this resolved. That is the way I'm going but this is just the beginning.Toyota does not want to deal with me on this end Thanks is okay to rob people of 50,000 far anyway they have not offered to replace the vehicle or get me out of my lease. That should be the least they could dobut don't hold your breath. We are repeat customers of Toyota for many years and many Toyota tires I didn't realize until now that they will not stand behind oproduct.personally, I think it is fraud that they can continue to sell these cars knowing that there's a problem.
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