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anyone have a superdome convertable Ranger?

icescorticescort Member Posts: 12
I have a 92 Ranger with a superdome roof panel kit that I purchased and installed on it in 1993. It is like a sunroof with the added feature that it also wraps over to fill the space that the back window occupied. It has a frame and gasket that is attached to the cut made into the roof panel., The tinted acrylic panel is placed on the gasketed area and secured with velcro straps to tie downs on the inner trim panel. It looks far more elegant than I can describe here. I have had no problems with it. I bought the kit because I saw it as a good compromise. I wanted a mustang convertable but I needed a compact pickup. This has worked out very well for me. I just have not seen more than six other superdome equipped trucks here in Michigan in the last thirteen years. I know these were fairly common in the sunbelt states. Any body know of or have a truck with a superdome roof conversion?


  • zman1314zman1314 Member Posts: 1
    hey, found this post doing a search on google. I have, err, had a superdome on my '92 Ranger Extended cab. I bought the kit used about 6 years ago. Spent 5 years fixing the truck up, first day I had the truck out on the road the thing blew off and broke into a million pieces! It kind of sucks that this is such a rare peice, because I know I'll probably never find another one now that they're out of business. For the time being I'll just make a soft top for it.
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