BMW Z4 speed bump problems?

zoephoenixzoephoenix Member Posts: 1
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I read that other people were having problems with speed bumps in their Z4's... I just bought a used 2003 model yesterday and didn't realize it would do that when I went over a speed bump until I got it back to my apartment complex, which is littered with the things. Someone mentioned something to me about "raising" the car up a bit or something about the suspension, but I don't know anything about that. I don't know a lot about cars... >.>;; Is there something that I can do to help with this problem..?


  • dvp16dvp16 Member Posts: 15
    Stay away from speed bumps. Do you have the sport package? The sport sits lower than the non-sport. I imagine raising the car would be quite expensive and would kill the handeling.
  • davegenetdavegenet Member Posts: 6
    How much lower does the Z4 with sport package sit than the non-sport package? Thanks.
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    Our car doesn't have the sport package but a prior car was very low. The answer was to go across speed bumps at an angle. If there are many speed bumps this can be tiring but it works.
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