Mercedes-Benz GL450 Reliable?

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I'm looking for a large SUV. GL450 seems to be a good choice. But consumer report says that the reliability is below average. I'm not sure exactly what it means. Can any GL450 owners share their owner experience with me? Also I'm living in silicon valley CA. Does anyone know which dealer I can get the best deal for premium package 1?


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    I have a '08 GL450 that I purchased in November, now has about 3000 miles on it. This is my first Mercedes and had heard rumors about quality, but I have experienced no issues to date. I traded in a 2003 Escalade to purchase this vehicle, and the Escalade had multiple issues including front end problems with the steering column (a fairly common problem on the Escalade, Denali, and Tahoe), the Nav unit, as well as the chrome wheels- which corroded around the valve stems and would no longer hold air issue that was not covered under warranty. I was thinking about the new Escalade as a potential purchase, but after the poor response from the dealer on the wheels I decided to go with the GL and have not regretted it. I am in the market for a second SUV and may buy another GL (currently have a Lexus GX470). The new GX470 is the best SUV value out there (I've looked at everything) and the dealer experience is much better than Mercedes- at least in the Boston area...but the size and impractical 3rd row seat configuration of the GX is proventing us from buying another one. I bought the GL at $3000 below MSRP and got the best trade value on the Escalade from Mercedes which helped close the deal. Good luck with your purchase.
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    Mercedes will alway have reliability issues. My 2007 GL450 is my 3rd Mercedes.
    Our 2000 C240 had navigation and moonroof problems that couldn't be fixed. So we traded that in for 2003 S430. Problems with exhaust, catalytic converter, which had to be replaced 2X. Luckily under warranty. Still own it with no other problems yet.
    Now we have the GL. Bought it in July 07. Currently has 6000 miles. Only one problem thus far. The liftgate closes, but doesn't lock. So the car warns me while I'm driving to close the liftgate. It sucks to have to stop. Open and close the liftgate sometimes twice before it locks. Or I sometimes have to go to the back of the car
    and pull on the liftgate handle, then it locks. Still annoying. I'm going to take it in this week.
    Why buy Mercedes when I have problems in every car. One word. WIFE.
    I like BMW and Porsche. My Porsche 911 has no problems in 6 yrs. Wow, even that surprised me.
    Back to the GL. Mercedes is starting to wear on me though. I like the looks and the ride. It can't be beat. I don't even like SUV, but don't mind the GL b/c it rides and feels just like a car. Acceleration and smoothness one of the best. So I'm hoping there will be no other issues with the GL. One thing for sure. Never had an engine or transmission problem with any of my Mercedes.
    I bought the GL for $7000 off MSRP. Thought I got a great deal until I found out my friend got one two months later for $9000 of MSRP. Most likely b/c the '08 was coming in.
    Have fun shopping, You'll be pleased if you decide on the GL450.
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    I'm considering of buying GL450. Do you mind to share with us which dealer or area you and your friend got the deal from?
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    Bought the GL at Merc of Anaheim (southern California).
    Should be able to get below invoice in this area easily.
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    like BMW and Porsche. My Porsche 911 has no problems in 6 yrs. Wow, even that surprised me

    Have you ever heard the problems that bmws have? Maybe its the best to drivers car but reliability I am not so sure btw I am talking abt the x5.

    About the porsche 911 is 1 of the most reliable sports cars again cayenne is a suv but a blast to drive but again reliability is not the best.

    As far as reliability goes nothing beats the japanese but the fun to drive part I guess the germans takes that.
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    You're right. My brother drove his Lexus SC400 230,000 miles w/o any issues
    before trading it in for Lexus RX350. Very, very reliable cars.
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    We have been less than impressed with our 07 GL with 39k miles. We bought shortly after the car came out, and perhaps some of the bugs have been worked out. The tire pressure monitoring has been a constant annoyance. The warning light still comes on frequently despite numerous trips to the dealer. We had problems with the liftgate closing and locking. The service locally is terrible as you have to book two weeks in advance to get a loaner and they rarely fix anything in one day. The service wait room is always packed with people complaining aout their MB. After driving Lexus and Acura for several years, I appreciate the prompt service and few problems. The GPS is so over engineered that we bought a Garmin which is much faster to use. I will not buy another MB no matter how "exciting" the german cars drive.
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    haymista. Did MB fix your liftgate properly? I have the same problem but haven't taken it in yet. Currently I pull on the liftate lever, then it locks (b/c sometimes my wife forgets and the interior light stays on overnite which will eventually drain battery). Very annoying.
    Also passenger visor won't stay up. It creeps down to lowest level making it hard to see if you're tall. But leaving up completely will leave glaring sun in your eyes.
    But it is a MERCEDES my wife says :confuse:
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    I have a 2007 GL450, at around 28,500 miles. So far we've had many issues with this car, but not within the last six months. The car had many air suspension issues within the first 10,000 miles, and the dealer had so many problems with similar Gl450's that they ran out of parts for the suspension (luckily that was covered under warranty). Electrical problems also persisted, among them problems with power windows from time to time and the sunroof.
    Also I had similar problems with the tailgate not locking earlier on, but we just had to slam the trunk shut manually. And it would've been nice if the car came with leather seats as a standard option, instead of high quality vinyl. And the factory-fitted Continental tires wore out kind of quick, and I had to replace them at around 28,500 miles.
    The only good thing about this car is that it's a mercedes and you get a nice blend of wood and other trims in the car. And it has great acceleration for a big suv. But coming from a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser, this car's reliability is in the toilet.
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    Wow. Everyone seems to have the same problems. We have (had?) a 2007 GL450 with about 12k miles on it.
    Tailgate problems....check.
    Air suspension problems...check.
    Car spontaneously bursting into flames while parked in a driveway...check.
    Oh wait, that may be a unique problem.
    But it did happen to my wife last week. If I knew how to post photos here, I would. Thankfully no one was hurt but had our children been in their car seats or had it been parked in our garage, it is safe to assume there would have been loss of human life.
    And remember, the car was not even running. Scary, huh?
    The fire started under the passenger seat (battery location?) and fully engulfed the car in less than 3 minutes. First a funny smell, then some smoke, then some sparking/popping noises to a raging inferno. It was a large fire. Thankfully the fire station was close and they put it out before the fire caught the tree above the car (which in turn would have likely caught the house on fire).
    Needless to say the car and all of its contents are a total loss.
    Perhaps the most amazing and astonishing thing about our experience has been Mercedes' response to our experience...or shall I more accurately say, their lack of response?! Their only response has been that they would gladly talk to our insurance company but not us directly....hmmmm.

    I sincerely hope no one else has had a similar experience. I am certain Mercedes' legal department doesn't want to hear about any more GL450 fire bombs!
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    I would like to buy a 2007 or 2008 GL450 but consumer reports rates the 2007 very poorly especially for electrical problems. On the forums and blogs, its seems like the 2008 is getting some of the same reviews. The dealer says its pre-certified, has warranty and much in demand sso what is there to worry about?. My other choices are 2008 BMW x5 and a 2007Lexus LX470 , all very low mileage and in very good condition . How would you make this decision? Do you think a 2007 or 2008 GL450 is worth the risk? I am looking for a high performing quality vehicle but reliability matters. I also have to carry up to 5 kids and me from time to time and the BMW x5 seat in the back is not the most desirable. I look forward to your candid comments. Many thanks in advance.
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    I am having so many problems with my 2007 GL. Now Mercedes does not want to cover the problems under warranty. My biggest concern is the computer located under the seat near the battery. It has malfunctioned and shut the vehicle down 2 times in a 3 week period and had to be towed to the dealership. This computer also works my windows and they roll up and down without the key in my car. The other day while my children were in the car the windows started smoking. Has anyone out there had any luck getting Mercedes to stand behind the GL?
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    I recently purchased a White 2008 GL450 for my wife with P1, rear seat entertainment, leather package, etc. We were dissapointed with the fact that the Harman/Kardon system kept malfunctioning and the rear seat entertainment had horrible movie quality. In addition, the COMMAND system was REALLY BAD, my wifes old Honda Oddysey had a better system and that was a year 2000 model. So, we decided to trade the 08 in for an 09 8 months later. SO MUCH BETTER! Navi is amazing (similar to 09 S Class), rear seat entertainment is so much nicer (LCD screens/flat panel/play 2 dvd's on 2 separate screens), the larger exterior side mirrors are a nice touch and the appearance package is great. New power lumbar support and in dash 6CD/DVD changer wrap up the package. AND THE TAIL GATE IS FIXED!!!!! NO MORE PROBLEMS!!!!! I have to say that the 2009 Mercedes Benz Gl class is A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE FROM THE 2007 AND 2008 MODELS!
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    Well mbbq - My brother's house burnt to the ground last night and his dog died in the fire due to his wife's GL450 catalytic converteres catching on fire! I am going to post photos. Fire investigators determined that the GL parked in the garage was the cause of the fire. if you could, please contact me - We are embarking on a journey to go after Merecedes benz because of this. THere must be something here... Obviously my brother is devastated over the loss of his dog and house and EVERYTHING that he and his family owned. THEY HAVE NOTHING!!! They were lucky to get out alive. The car was off for at least 5 hours before catching on fire.
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    OMG . . . that is awful news for your bro. Hope he and his family recover well. prayers to him.

    Can you please provide an update with MB response? my wife drives an 02 ML 320 which she loves, despite the well known issues that the model had. I am looking at the Audi Q7, the Lexus 470, and the GL. i only added the GL after speaking with some friends who had no problems with it. However, after reading the 2 posts about spontaneous fires - i am very concerned. please tell us more
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    send me an email to discuss. (yes, I know I am not supposed to post my email address but do not know how else to contact you)
    [email protected]
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    Not sure if my previous post made it clear or not but i just want to clarify that it looks like that it was NOT the catalytic but ELECTRICAL according to the person i spoke to at Allstate.
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    My friend's 2008 GL450, 27K miles, caught on fire last Friday 09/27/09. It happend exactly as you described....(The fire started under the passenger seat and fully engulfed the car in less than 5 minutes. First, a funny smell, then some smoke, and then the fire) and it bursted into flames before the fire brigade arrived. Luckily, the car was on the driveway outside the garage only 8 feet away from the house. Amazingly, the house did not get on fire and only incurred minimum damages. Mercedes should recall 2007 and 2008 GL450 models.
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    Will you please contact me? I am trying to talk with others that have had the same problem. These cars are not safe and Mercedes Benz is not wanting to fix the problem. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. I have had many electrical problems. I have now turned my car back over to Mercedes bc my husband refuses to put me and our kids back in it. Thanks
  • brwbdwbrwbdw Member Posts: 3
    Please email me at [email protected] I have had the same electrical problems and Mercedes is not willing to help in anyway. I am looking for an expert for a upcoming trial and need help. Thanks
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    Will you please contact me?

    Let's keep the conversation here so everyone will benefit. To do otherwise tends to defeat the purpose of a Forum. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    no pun intended. I was considering getting a CPO GL450 but this thread has scared the crap out of me.
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    The original post was regarding 08's

    As for the fire thing - the battery is a high tech AGM battery we use in the boating industry very good product which has a long life and Gel format so have little risk of spilling etc in an accident.

    As for electrical fires you need to be very cautious of after market and even dealer add on products that require electrical work in any new high tech car given the electrical systems being modified or altered can cause fires and other major issues.

    Once a car leaves the factory there is no telling what is done to it even by the dealer before its sold.

    I have a good friend with a private company that specializes in MB electrical work and fixes. The local MB dealer has started shipping their cars to his business given they were having all sorts of issues caused by 3rd party attempts to add alarms - radio equipment - back up cameras - entertainment systems etc.

    Not to mention there are electrical standards regarding this sort of work which nearly no 3rd party small shop is up to speed on or certified for.
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    Hi I HAD a 08 GL. It caught on fire. Investigation still pending. I cannot tell if the fire started from the engine or interior due to smoke travelling from vents at the time or incedence. The car is burnt to a crisp and took the fireengines around 25 minutes to respond due to my location. My question is since you have knowledge, do you know if the computer can be salvaged to acquire information on how the fire got started or give a brief history on the step by-step problems that occured prior to combustion?
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences. My wife and I was considering a 07 GL450 at our local MB dealership. Now that I have read the threads we will no longer be pursuing this vehicle.

    Many Thanks,

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    I was contemplating buying a certified 2008 GL. This is the first I heard of any fires! What did MB attribute the causes to? Is this a problem in 2007 and 2008 models only? I would appreciate any updates on this issue?

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    I just lost my MB 2008 320 GL last night. The fire was so hot it melted both the front and back license plates. I am so thankful that my kids were not in the car...we just had a wedding last week, and we have had many relatives riding in the car up until the day before the fire. I planned on replacing the car with another MB GL, but now, after reading these posts, I am very concerned. I had never heard of any issues until now!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    Were you driving the car at the time or was it parked somewhere?
  • darinhill7darinhill7 Member Posts: 2
    It was being driven back to the dealership by a driver for repair...the check engine light had come on and I had been having problems with acceleration, so I was sending it to the dealer. Apparently, the driver was flagged down and told the back of the car was on fire.
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    :lemon: :lemon: OMG! I thought I was going crazy until I began reading these posts! Today, I was driving my recently purchased pre-owned 07 GL-450, with my wife and kids when I started feeling intense pain to the left side of my lower back! I thought I had gotten bitten by an insect! But when I reached back, I felt heat. I looked at the heated seat indicator and noticed it on. How it came on is a mystery, because it was 101 degree outside and I did not turn it on. The pain intensified to the point where I had to pull over on the side of the highway. When I got out, I smelled smoke and noticed what appeared to be a circular burn in the vinyl seat approximate to a burnt area on back. Upon arriving home, I took a thermometer, placed it on the burnt area on the seat, started the car and turned on the driver side heated seat on low. In less than 30 seconds the seat began to smoke and the thermometer spiked and broke! I moved the car out of my garage. I believe the car is still smoldering even though some time has passed and now we are afraid to go near it! I would be surprised if the heated seat function isn’t really the cause of all these internal fires. We’ve had the car less than a month, have yet to pay the first payment, and have had to have this car serviced 4 times by Mercedes. I wonder if I am protected by the lemon law! To think I traded a fully loaded Nissan Pathfinder LX in for this very expensive Piece of Crap! Mercedes use to stand for something!
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    last night my R 350 caught fire in my driveway. Yesterday we were having problems, and since is is under warranty, the mercedes tech was dispatched to my work and home yesterday to troubleshoot why the alarm was going off/rear hatch malfunction. after the second time of responding we left the car in the driveway annoyed that the car was having problems again. We have had a history of electrical issues with this car for some time
    Later that night our child was crying in his room. The alarm had woken him up. Thankfully, I went outside to turn off the alarm and noticed the entire rear right quarter-panel was engulfed in flames. The flames were so fierce it destroyed the entire inside of the car and melted the entire back of the R350. When the fire was put out the car was gone. It was evident that the fire started in the back right corner of the vehicle (right where a computer system is located).
    Anyway, has anyone heard of this happening before? It seems like some of you have experienced this problem in the GL, and I was curious the outcome... Have any of you contacted Mercedes USA about these issues...? Any help will be greatly appreciated....

  • 06_r350_fire06_r350_fire Member Posts: 3

    this happened last night to my R350 mercedes... Where you able to make some headroom with Mercedes, i.e. replacement car, etc? I am thinking about going after them...
  • 06_r350_fire06_r350_fire Member Posts: 3
    ant headway on your investigation?
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    I would never buy another mb gl450. Currently I am sitting in my house on December 26, 2010 while a tow truck tries to fix electronic battery issue. I just had the battery replaced 10 months ago and this is the 4th issue with this complaint. My car also died while driving on a bridge with one way traffic while going highway speeds with no resolution by Mercedes benz. MB should just recall all 2007-2009 gl450 and give us all vouchers towards another model.
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    Insomnia had me up last night. I always read customer reviews thoroughly when researching car purchases. The reviews paint a rosy picture, more or less. I Stumbled into this forum accidentally. I was probably going to pull the trigger on a GL450 today or tomorrow.
    Probably the most alarming pattern I've seen since Prius. A sincere thanks to you all for bringing these serious problems to light. Perhaps some of you should write reviews to peel away some of those gold stars.
    I've got an awkward discussion coming when my MB sales rep calls me in for that test drive tomorrow.
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    Recently looked at the GL450 as possible replacement of infiniti QX56. Has MB improved its reliability for 2011 models. Concerned about above posts with many problems noted. For an expensive vehicle, one does not need it to go up in flames.
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    Do we know for a fact that the 2009+ GL450's have been fixed?
  • carloslsanchezcarloslsanchez Member Posts: 2
    I thought that, contrary to gas, Diesel did not catch fire?
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    I leased a BRAND NEW GL450 TRUCK from Mercedes Benz in Brooklyn in New York, right off their lot, and 2 years later the lease is up, I paid off for the truck in FULL hoping to keep this truck as my retirement truck. PAYING FOR IT IN FULL, was a BIG mistake. The truck barely has 35,000 I AM HAVING NUMEROUS PROBLEMS, ON WEEKLY BASIS, WHICH THEIR MB TECHS CAN'T FIX SO THEY JUST MAKE PATCH UP FIXES, AND 2 OR 3 DAYS PAST, and my truck i back at the dealer. I have had problems with the truck from the start, but I said to myself, there is no car that is perfect, so let me give them the chance to fix the problems. Now that i have bought the truck, I'm having lights inside the truck turning on by itself, hoses jumping off while I am driving, park lights saying on the dash it's blown, and when i go to check it, the light is off, then it comes on by itself. They have changed the Park Tronic system in the dash with a new one, and it's still malfunctioning. The tailgate continues to not close properly. My truck has been at the dealer for at least 3 weeks and i had to call the dealer to ask what happened, and where is my truck, for them to tell me it was fixed over 3 weeks ago. My question is, who do I go to now, as I am stuck with this lemon, and I already paid off my truck and have the title in my possession. As I type this note, I got my truck back from the MB dealer on Thursday 4-21-2011, and on Friday 4-22-2011 the engine went up in smoke and some pump in my engine must have broken, and I am out of my truck for this entire weekend. All my plans have been ruined. I can't go anywhere unless I use a CAB. for all the money I paid for this truck, is there anyway I can get my money, or is there a number I can call to get my money back, or can I get an exchange for the new 2011 ? Or should I just try to get my money back and buy a Toyota Carolla or a 1998 Honda and settle with that ? Can anyone tell me what to do, or where to call to get results ? HELP !! PLEASE ... I AM STUCK WITH THIS SALAD, AND MB HAS A WARRANTY FOR 50,000 MILES OR 4 YEARS, WHICHEVER ONE COMES FIRST, THEN I'M ON MY OWN ! !! :confuse: :cry: :mad:
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    I own 2007 truck and gave innumerable problems since bought in. I could not trade in neither i can not keep it. The number of problems i faced since I bought this truck is so long that I can not list. (computer problem, false alarm, sensor problem, you name it) I am writing in this in July 4, 2011 in a motel on my way to Chicago from Springfield, IL since the suspension broke all of a sudden without any warning when I pulled for filling gas off from I-55 Northbound. It is so ridiculuous to own this piece of garbage not a day passes by without feeling why did I buy this crap. I sincerely advise who ever read this please do not ever, never think of buything this garbage. Any question please do not hesitate to email me [email protected]
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    I took the family on vacation to Piegon Forge / Gatlinburg, TN last weekend. For no reason the latch on the hatch back door broke off (No, really it did!). and I had to drive with the hatch open. Then the car started leaking transmission fluid. (you can't make this stuff up). I can't believe Mercedes made this SUV) Not to mention 1 week after buying it, the driver seat caught fire with me behind the wheel and my babies in the car. My next car will be an Audi. Mercedes has lost my business FOREVER!
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    I've owned them all...Chevy, Ford, Olds, Buick, BMW, Ferrari, VW, Mercedes.

    I can say unequivocally that the Mercedes GL 450 is the worst of the bunch, and there isn't even a close second.

    We bought a CPO 2007 with 30K on the clock.

    In 30K miles thereafter...

    We replaced the steering column TWICE. I've owned 33 other cars and never replaced a steering column even once.

    Replaced the power steering pump

    Replaced the air suspension over EVERY WHEEL, TWICE. Yes, that's 8 suspensions total.

    Replaced the air suspension compressor

    Replaced cam sensors

    Went through a set of Michelin LTXs in less than 30K miles (never had them go less than 50K before)

    Car creaked and squeaked incessantly and the dealer could never fix it.

    The back end "danced" (slid from side to side) any time you went over any sort of bump in the road (didn't matter which tires were on the truck)

    When you turned into a driveway or a dip in the street, you could not only HEAR the car body twisting, but you could FEEL it.

    This is just the big stuff. In two years of driving, we finally decided to sell this car, but then we found out no one WANTED the car. We ending up selling it to some poor soul for $28K. With no warranty, he's liable to spend ANOTHER $28K on it before he finally decides to pawn it off.

    I have never been so glad to sell a car in all my life. NEVER buy one of these unless you have an EXTRA one to drive while one of them is in the shop.
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    I have been reading the threads about the GL 450's and noted how problematic they are, especially the 2008-2009. Those are priced in my range and what I was looking at. I want to spend around $45K, have heated seats and back-up cam and have mileage below 35K. Should I not consider? Also, it sounds like MB doesn't stand behind its vehicles. What is the general experience? Finally what do the regular maintenance costs run? Thanks for your attention.
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    My 2007 GL450 is the third Mercedes I've purchased brand new. My wife and I decided to purchase a new SUV to replace our 2002 Toyota Sequoia and started shopping for a new SUV close to the Sequoia in size. The GL looked really good and had a nice rice, with better fuel mileage. It was also fairly new so we decided to give it a try. We paid 66K for what we thought was a really nice luxury SUV. Three weeks later, the pump that raises the car goes out and to the dealer we go. They replace the pump and everything is fine. About a month after that, the rear tail gate will not lock into position. Back to the dealer we go and they replace the locking mechanism. Another couple of months, and the lock breaks again! Again! It was just replaced a few weeks ago. Back to the dealer for a new latch. Everything is fine for a few months until I lower the left hand side rear seat for cleaning the back area. I want to raise the seat back and it won't move. No matter what I do, the seat will not go back up. I finally realize that the seat belt is locked in place, and if it doesn't move, the seat back will not move either. I take it to the dealer and yup, the seat belt is jammed and the whole assembly needs to be replaced. A few months later, I open the garage door and notice the left hand side of the car really low compared to the right side. I turn the car on and it levels itself out, so I think everything is ok. Nope! I park the car at work, come back during lunch break and the car is leaning on it's side again. I call the dealer and the service technician says the shock is leaking air and needs to be replaced. I take it in and they recommend both front shocks to be replaced at a cost of $985 each.

    Yesterday, on a trip to Lake Tahoe, we lower the left rear seat again, only to find it not going up again. Well, guess what, the seat belt is jammed again. By now, you would think that Mercedes would know how to make a seat belt. As the car is off warranty now, I'm sure it will cost over $500 to fix it. Well, this is it. I've had enough of this POS. I'm getting rid of the car and seriously thinking of suing the dealer and Mercedes for all the headaches they have caused me. This is by far the worst car I have ever owned. Period! Also, this is the last Mercedes for me ever again. Total POS!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR!

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    Thanks for your post about the GL 450 leaning! I thought I was only looking for more problems because there have been SO MANY! I now know that I am not crazy and it is leaning in one direction. I HATE this vehicle!!! I have had the tailgate hatch repaired three times, the window mechanism repaired, the steering fluid was leaking and had to be repaired, the check engine light used to come on 'just because', I am in need of a second set of tires(only had the car 31/2 years), it needs brakes replaced. I've had the truck in multiple times to have the transmission checked because it seems to 'slip' and all they tell me is that the transmission fluid level was a little low. I want to drive this truck off a cliff!!!!
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    I agree with you!! All the issues you are having are the same with me. I'm going to get rid of this before it gets even worse. The worse part is all the momeywe have all put into this vehicle! We shoud file a class action suit against Mercedes. They shouldn't get away with it!!! :lemon:
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    I am currently stranded, 3 hours from home in the Sierras, waiting for a tow truck to bring my wife's '07 GL450 home - estimate is that it arrives in another 3 hours. We have had many problems with this car since we purchased it, including bad struts and air compressors that caused the brakes to malfunction and the car to slide out in the snow into the highway.

    The car started leaning more noticeably recently when turned off. The dealer insisted it was not a problem. Today, we tried to drive out to the store here in the mountains and the steering is almost completely locked. Looks like fluid under the car and it is nearly impossible to turn the wheel. So, a 3 hour tow to the dealer...

    I have complained to my service manager before about the horrible quality of this SUV, and he admitted that the early models were not great and have supposedly gotten better. I can't see why I'd buy another. I can't recommend the GL to anyone.
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    My 2011 GL450 is about 1 1/2 years old, and has about 7500 miles on it. I guess you could say that it's reliable compared to the ones I read about above. But it certainly isn't reliable compared to other cars I've owned. The worst problem I had was the air conditioning intermittently not cooling. That took several days for the dealer to fix. The only other problem I've had that I've taken it to the dealer for is the tailgate latch; sometimes when the tailgate closes it comes back up again, and I end up having to close it manually. I took it to the dealer twice for this problem. They said there was a service bulletin for this problem. It works better now, but still malfunctions once in a while. You'd think Mercedes could design a tailgate latch that works.
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    I am the original owner of a 2009 GL320. I have had it into the MB dealership 11 times for warranty issues. I am a mechanic. The mechanics at MB are certainly not the best and the car has lots of problems:
    1 bad harness, caused me to be stuck where engine would not run
    2 bad catalytic converter
    3 bad key- could not lock, unlock or run
    4 check eng light on 4 times for adblue, when it was not low.
    5 lost my plastic bottom eng/tranny cover- dealership problem- not the car
    6 exh temp sensor upstream bad
    7 ac vent fell apart
    8 headphone for MB video sys went bad- poor connections
    we only used a few times on long trips
    9 dlr caused- loose exh pipe, from when they changed the cat converter
    10 noise from exh pipe, from when dlr changed cat converter.

    i love the performance, except for poor acceleration, but it is a diesel.
    fuel economy is 22-23 which is great, towing power great, looks great, interior parts/finish great, tires--- i chose not to go with 2500.00 run flats. put continental tires on from i get adblue from VW dealer for 1/2 the price.

    i will not buy another MB :sick: product, my wife's E350 has worse stories.
  • ermsamermsam Member Posts: 3
    Today is a glorious day for I have finally sold my wretched GL-450 and now I am forever free of its grip of terror! After nearly being burnt alive when the drivers seat caught fire while driving down the road, having to replace the transmission twice, having to replace the tail gait, and having to deal with things turning on and off by themselves I am finally free! Free at last free at last thank God Oh! Mighty, I am free. Bothers and Sisters break those LEMON :lemon: scented chains and run to CARMAX! Yes, I'm a bit over the top, but you've idea! WELL, yeah you do! So you should understand why I'm sooo dramatic and over-the-top!
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