My 2000 Dodge Durango IS A LEMON!

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It all started at 1700 miles...our transmission
would not shift out of second gear and sometimes
1st gear. We brought the vehicle in 3 times for
this repair and finally they fixed the problem.
The cable was not properly installed. THEN...2
weeks later, intake manifold gasket was leaking and
replaced. Another 2 weeks, the leaf springs shot
and replaced!! Another 3 weeks, intake manifold
gasket - Can you guess, replaced again. Another
month later, another set of leaf springs replace.
Arbitration, lost! Lemon Law Lawyer found, won
case in 4 weeks. D-C bought back vehicle and gave
us our down-payment, plus all monthly payments
without taking mileage, which was currently at 7K.
Need a lemon law lawyer in midwest - contact Greg
Moss - email, [email protected]. They
were great! Advise, do not buy D-C vehicles, they
are POS's!

A new happy 2000 Chevy Tahoe owner


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    Somewhere there is a similar story about every make & model vehicle ever produced; this has absolutely nothing to do with the anticipated reliability of this vehicle line; just skunky advertisement for an ambulance chaser. Au revior!
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    I purchased a new 1998 Durango as soon as they came out. Within two days I was already having it worked on. Within the fourteen months that I had the vehicle the following went wrong...4 radios replaced, several window motors, the AC had a freon leak, and I believe that transmission wasn't acting quite like it should. I traded the Durango for an Intrepid. I have had as many problems with it as I had before. I love the design and appearance of both vehicles but am utterly disappointed in their quality.
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    If you had the oil changed at a Jiffy Lube (or local equivalent) you should be able to go back and get copies of all your receipts - they can just print them out.
    If you can prove that you changed the oil at least every 7500 miles, you should have a case to argue.
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    If you exceeded one of them, Chrysler is going to walk.. you seem to have 5, 6, and 7 K between changes. As for receipts, either a receipt, a check stub or a credit card payment ought to work. Additionally, may oil change places enter you into their computers (they ask address, year make model and milage of your car)... you could try going back to them and seeing if you are listed as having had service from them on a specific date. Please let us know how you make out.
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    Have a 2000 Durango R/T with 4,000 miles. It's a true dog. 0-60 on an accurate watch but using speedometer is just under 13 seconds. Runs good and sounds great but Dad's 2000 Dakoda quad cab with 4.7 is much quicker. Added K&N, and Jet chip with no noticable results. Any ideas on what is wrong with this vehicle? Will these 5.9's really run? My 99 Chevy pickup with 4WD and 5.3 will run circles around this thing.
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    Pry out the empty beer bottle that's been stuck behind the foot feed since last month and try again- you aren't a cheesehead are you? Anyone thinking the R/T (Road & Track) emblem actually means anything other than cosmetics is deluded- 1969 Charger R/T, 426 or 440, now there's a hauler! Probably got better gas mileage too!
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    Unfortunately I wasn't able to use the lemon law for my 99 Durango. In my state you have to have the same repair done numerous times within 12k miles. My situation was this that and the other thing breaking--you don't get any credit if 8 different things go wrong!

    I unloaded it after 18k miles and 15 months of miserable ownership. I'm glad it's gone!
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    i just experienced a new problem with my '99, 5.2L ,2wd,DD. i now have 28,800 miles on it, and last Thursday, my husband and i were just coming back into town from vacation,dropped by local pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, and the darn thing would not start!!!! thankfully we have roadside service, so we called for a tow truck. ended up being a dead battery. dealer replaced it under warranty for us. although we are still suprised it happened so soon.
    also, i am putting it back into shop for third replacement of window motors, and valve clatter!
    the steering wheel also makes a popping sound sometimes when turning. i have no idea what that could be. if anyone does know, please let me know.
    oh, and almost forgot, i have noticed oil leak. so obviously i am concerned about that. will let board know how shop handled it.
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    i also have had problems with tire vibration ever since first tire balance/rotation. every time i have tires rotated, i have shop inspect tires for wear. they always look fine, but tires continue to feel like they are out of balance. feels like i am riding on uneven bumpy road when the road is smooth.(tires seem to double bounce) sometimes feels like a bolt is loose and the tire is going to fly off! it is just something i have lived with until i can get new tires put on. although the tread looks fine. just in case anyone else has experienced this, i discovered what the problem might be from looking at another vehicle site. apparently it is in the tires....Goodyear Wranglers are also on the tahoes and suburbans. i have read they have the same common problem with vibration and rotation problems. things were fine until that first rotation/balance. one owner reported, replacing the tires with new Goodyears, and had same problem. he finally put on Michelin LTX tires, and has had no problems with vibration.
    it makes me wonder if i should do the same.
    has anyone else done this , and if yes did it help? this is a very important issue to me, because even though i love my 99 Durango, the ride is so rough from the tires now, that it makes me consider selling it for another vehicle. i need to know if replacing tires really will help.???????
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    Your dead battery doesn't suprise me...most makes of car have rather short-lived batteries as standard. I remember my Honda Accord battery died around 30k.

    As for your popping steering wheel, my 99 2wd Durango received 4 (FOUR!) steering columns in 18k miles for this problem. It was never resolved, and still popped and clunked until the day I traded it.

    Leaking oil could be the intake manifold gasket--another thing I had to have done on the D--I've seen some owners who've had more than one intake manifold gasket job done. Ridiculous!
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    Most Chrylser vehicles are at best average or below average build quality. The issues described are unusual and unfortunate. In my opinion they are to be expected to happen to a greater percentage of owners than makes/models that are rated better than or much better than average.
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    Maybe you should visit the DOC Forum.

    Over 1200 members in the DOC, and many more visit their forum.

    Not too many bitching about build quality, so maybe the quality is above average.

    Main complaints are: broken studs on 98(TSB), ball joints, some have issues with AC. Some problems with slipped intake gaskets(TSB), squeaky leaf springs, power window motors.

    I am amazed at how few problems are reported by their owners. If you read Edmunds, every DC,Ford or GM product breaks the second you drive it off the lot :)

    Mine, 2000 D, has had one bad key FOB, and a TPS replaced. Runs great, rides great! Fit and finish is very good!

    Good Luck
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    I was told by many on the DOC to rotate every 5000 on the Goodyears.

    I have done that and have not has a problem yet at 12K miles. I was told they get an uneven wear pattern and then once that is in the tires, your sunk.

    I am told this can be a common problem on AT type tires. Best defense is to rotate often.

    Also try having them high speed balanced.

    Good Luck
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    Anyone having difficulty with cooling in the 2000
    Dodge Durango? The AC is intermittent, will be running just fine, then air doesn't stay cool for a while, then maybe it will cool down again. Is
    perplexing -- dealership doesn't seem to know what
    to do with it. With 20 plus days of over 100 degrees, this is not a good experience. Thought
    someone might have had a similar problem and found a solution.
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    manhatten2 - do you have emission laws where you live that your vehicle has to pass. I also have an R/T and it is A LOT faster than that! It is no race car but is quicker even than my friend's Neon (they are pretty quick little cars). I am confident that mine would not pass ANY emissions standards - you can see the fumes coming out of the exhaust. Basically I think the only difference is the exhaust and suspesion. The additional 5 HP they advertise could easily be found in a more free flowing exhaust system - which it has. Low range is not quick - I think the computer detunes it. High range is where you will want to run you test and you need to go from no throttle to full throttle immediately (don't ease it). If you stomp it from a dead stop it should accelerate quicker than 13 seconds. The only R/T that currently hauls @$$ is the VIPER. The old ones were sweet but now you're going to an apples and oranges comparison.

    If you can't get to the bottom of the performance problem you should go have it dyno tested. On the R/T Durango (mine @ least) it has a HP rating on the window sticker. If your dyno results aren't within reasonalble limits of the window sticker, you should have some course of action against Dodge.

    Mine is completely stock but I am considering putting a shaker hood on it (can get them for about $700 and they are REALLY cool) but don't plan any performance upgrades unless they will help my miserable 13 mpg.
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    hey, thank you so much for your input. it really helps to know others have experienced some of the same problems. maybe i should not have the steering column checked out. sometimes things are better left alone. thanks,LIZ
  • liz99liz99 Member Posts: 4
    yes, i agree just about every vehicle i have read on here, has had thier problems. still its a good idea to see the ones with the most. i researched before buying my DD, and now i return to posts to see if any owners are experiencing any new problems, and to ask questions about my own. i also check out the durango club.

    i also have had problem with broken studs, window motors, fuel tank gauge broke, valve clatter,etc.... most of it i considered small, "breaking in of new vehicle", but when things happen repeatively, that can get annoying.

    also, i saw today on the side of the road, a DD getting some gasoline from a tow truck man. it was a lady, and i knew exactly what she was going through. its pretty embarassing when you look like you run out of gas three times, all which i could not control. took two trips to shop to get that fixed. when i saw the lady on the side of the road i felt like yelling out of my window from traffic,"hey, i know what the problem is, i've been there, done that".
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    All you guys [non-permissible content removed] and complain about all the problems that you have with your POS Dodges, If you haven't figured it out yer Chryslers and Dodges are absolutly the worst cars and Trucks on the road today, except for Kia's maybe (And at least they have a long warranty. I cannot figure out how an educated person can look how poorly they rate in crash tests, reiability, fit and finish, gas milage, general refinement, and say gee I'd like one of those, I like to be left stranded !!! The sad truth is that Japanese cars ARE better than American cars in every way. I have owned 2 Acuras my first was an 89 Legend, I actually had it so long I got sick of it. It is more reiable than a new Chrysler product !! I just got a new TL and it is 10 years a ahead of anyting American ( If you want to call Mexico-Canandian mad cars American) If anyone reading this is looking to get a Durango ...don't you can get a Lexus RX300 or the new Acura MDX for the same price and you WILL be much happier...
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    Well john41, I guess we are ALL entitled to our opinions, you included, wouldn't you agree?

    You like the kinds of vehicles you like for your own reasons. That is also true of other posters here.

    No need for the personal attack.

    This topic in this conference is specifically designed for discussion of maintenance and repair issues, INCLUDING problems with the Durango. There are plenty of topics here where people are discussing problems with Japanese vehicles.

    If you have something constructive to contribute, please do so, but keep in mind that the Participant Agreement specifically calls for your agreement "to disagree in a civil manner should I take issue with the statements of another Town Hall participant or any, Inc. Editor or content contributor.  I understand that civility and respect underlie the success of an on-line community such as Town Hall."

    Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    Hi..I bought my Durango about 3 weeks ago. I drove
    a Grand Cherokee for 5 years/90,000 miles..before
    purchasing the Durango. Heres the main problem..
    I will be driving down a road in my town... going
    30/35 mph..and all of a sudden the wheel turns
    hard to the left.. and the back of the truck fish
    tails out to the frightening....for that
    split second.. I lose control of my truck. What will happen if I am doing 60 mph.. it doesn't constantly happen... but when it does.... wow!!
    Yesterday it happened and my 10 year was slammed
    into the door and back again. My dealership says
    there is nothing wrong with my truck. They say that I just have to get used to driving it. Around
    the 2nd day that I owned DD.. I would hear a clunk
    noise.. when i would step hard on the brake...I
    took it in.. went for a drive with their top mechanic... of course no clunk.. then I told him
    to hit the break hard.... clunk.. he goes in says there is a problem
    I leave the truck.. and come back the next day..
    the service mgr told me that instead of trying to
    find the prob... he looked up clunk/braking on
    the computer... and whatever came up.. he then ordered all the different parts... 5.. and more clunk..but changing 5 parts in
    a brand new truck?? Then I have this loss of control... I am so freaked out.. I never experienced this with my Jeep or my acura... I realize that if you go over a big pothole.. you
    can lose control... but this happens on a straight
    flat road. I had 2 mechanics test drive my truck
    for me from a private auto repair shop.. I have known both mechanics for 15 years... they came
    back and said that the truck drove like it had
    100,000 miles on it... I have 700 miles on it...
    The mechanic who owns the shop.. said it was the
    stiffest drive he had ever experienced .. he drives a bronco..and has always owned a truck.The
    other mechanic said that the ride was horribly
    bumpy.. he felt that there was a shock/suspension
    problem. Last nite I had a friend test drive it..
    he couldn't belive the way the truck locks up when
    going in reverse in sounds like the truck
    is moaning... like a brake is on the 4WD...locks up... oh I am so depressed.. I love to drive....
    Please someone write to me and tell me what to do.
    I want my money back. Does my truck sound like its
    a lemon? Thanks for reading all of this.
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    I have been in the market for a 2000 leftover and have been doing much research.I was a Chysler tech for twelve years and now in my own buseiness in my quest to getting this I have been to the dealer several times and spoke to my former techs. that still work there. First does this Durango have a full time transfer case if you do not know look at the four wheel drive stick shift if it has 4lo at the top neutral 4wd 4wdhigh you have a full time transfer case? Second do you have a positraction rear differntial? Third do you have a 4.7 engine or a 5.8? All these items could have an effect on driving conditions.
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    I'm planning to buy a leftover 2000 DD SLT 5.9 V8 this week. It has 31" Goodyear tires. MSRP $33075 Less $2805 discount and $1500 Rebate (.09% financing for 36mo). Does this sound like a good deal?
  • bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335

    This is the sort of question you should be asking in the SUV or Smart Shopper conferences....

    Your host, Bruce
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    I purchased a Dodge Durango when they were first available in 1998 and currently have almost 60,000 miles on the vehicle (most of which are highway miles.) At about 55,000 miles things really started to go wrong. In addition to normal maintanance issues (oil changes, new tires, brake pads, etc.) I also had to replace two seals in the transfer case and all four ball joints (although the car has never experienced off-road conditions!) From talking with another Durango owner, it appears that he had the exact same problem. In addition, I have just experienced catastrophic failure with the transmission! This was not something I would have anticipated on a $30K+ automobile at 60k miles! My suggestion is if you are currently looking at a Dodge -- check your options! And if you currently own a Durango -- trade it in now!!!!
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    I have an 2000 RT 5.9, 392 axle full time 4WD and have the same scrubbing noise from the rear end and a clunk noise from the trans when shifting out R to D with auto trans as (grobin54). I have only about 5,000 miles on my D. Any advise?? Took D back to dealer- dealer said it was the big over sized tires.
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    I was thoroughly pleased with my Durango until it hit 8 months old. On the way to work it just died. The warranty pays for a tow to the nearest Dodge dealership and it sat there for 2 weeks for them to "figure out what was wrong with it" all that time NO RENTAL CAR!! Did anyone else know that there is no paid rental car after the first day?? While in the shop the computer and 2 relays were replaced. When I picked it up I was no further than 1/2 mile the "ABS" and "BRAKE" sensorys go off. I took it back immediately and they said bring it back some other day...classic Chrysler attitude...I need help! I have called the 1-800 number for Chrysler and get really no response, but "Sorry". I am really think that I made a big mistake buying the Durango, though I love the look and options, but I did pay $30K for I thought a dependable SUV....Where did I go wrong?
  • mjfissafmjfissaf Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Durango with 10,000 miles
    so far, I have had a rear pinion assembly, then 2000 miles later, I had a new rear axle assembly installed, then at 850 miles, a new transmission! Oh yes, also, 3 sets of brake rotors!
    any body else
  • yuhannayuhanna Member Posts: 1
    1999 5.9 w/ 31k. After setting cruise control on flat road, engine revs up and down constantly. Is this a known problem? The other day I noticed just driving at a constant speed -did the same thing.
  • rzink720rzink720 Member Posts: 1
    Have yor dealer check TSB# 07-03-99. It seems
    there is a sensor that will shut down the AC if
    the coolant temp exceeds 240 degrees. When the
    temp goes down, the AC is reactivated. The fix
    includes a new cooling fan, fan clutch and fan
    shroud. IMPORTANT - The mounting holes on the
    new shroud are a bit "off". Have your dealer
    refer to TSB# 07-05-98. This tech bulletin
    specifies a minimum fan-to-shroud clearance of
    0.30 inches and authorizes him to drill the
    mounting holes as needed to obtain the proper
    fit. Good Luck.
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    Angela, It's been quite some time since I checked out our original message "2000 Durango is a Lemon" and just saw your message. Send your email to [email protected] and what state do you live in?? Unfortunately you will have to go through arbitration before you can do anything else, but email me for details. Their 800 Line will do you NO good whatsoever! We went through it all. It was a real mess, but in the end we won and got ALL of our money back and they bought back our POS Durango! Sorry you are having so many problems. We had 15 days of service in 90 days and you are right - NO RENTAL CAR! A very good ? to ask when purchasing a new vehicle.
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    I've got a '98 DD with a little over 50K miles on it (5.9 V8, 3.92 axle ratio, HD tow group). I regularly tow a 6,000 lb. trailer and drive it 30 miles to work each day -- no problems with either. Over all, I'm very pleased. However, I had to replace the thermostat and the fuel pump at about 35K miles. My one piece of advice: GET THE 100,000 MILE WARRANTY! Get it when you buy the truck and add it right in to your monthly payment. IT WILL END UP PAYING FOR ITSELF! Mine already has.
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    I am owner of a 1999 Durango still under factory warranty with 25,000 on it, Purchased the car preowned at 12,000 miles. The car is exhibiting worrisome problems: 1) Car is at cruising speed, the engine jerks, all gauges go to "0" speedometer and tachometer included, engine is running, but the car will not run, behaves as if it is in neutral. After shifting into park and back into gear, car resumes to normal. 2, Engine shuts down during cruising and operations..will not restart "NO BUS" message appears on the trip/odometer screen. The problem is intermittent, and the dealership techs were not able to duplicate the problem, nor were they able to fix so far... after the first occurance the car was released to me telling me they could'nt find anything wrong , shortly thereafter I was stranded on the freeway with a dead engine at great peril to my self. Already informed NHTSA. Any comments suggestions or comiseration ?

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    My Durango just did this exact thing, The engine just stopped. Then no bus appeared in the odometer. While I was waiting for roadside assistance approx. 1/2 hour later I tried the engine again it started. Now I don't know what to do. I am loosing my confidence in the car, I have two small kids and only one vehicle, being stranded is not something I want to repeat!
  • badbaddurangobadbaddurango Member Posts: 2
    Wrote in about my Durango no bus message after it just stopped while driving. Its in the shop today and they are replacing the PCM card, basically the brain of the car. I gather this is not a cheap part, good thing for a warenty and a dealer that isn't giving me the run around! He says he has had 2 others that did the same thing and that the owners had brought them to other dealers that said they couldn't find the problem and sent them on their way. They both had the failure again leaving them stranded. He said if its under warenty he is going to pull the card and replace its not going to get better and thats the only way to fix it.
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    The 'clunk' you hear is probably due to the full time transfer case. Things work a bit differently in them! I also own an R/T and am loving it. I've now got about 4500 miles on it and it is beginning to loosen up. I've gotten a much better 0-60 times than posted by pro drivers. I'm wondering about the gearing - I need to check it because I don't think it's as low as they state. I have no 'scribbing noise' but it has always had a 'clunk' when going from R to D. I is just things are a little looser than when it was made. In full-time drivetrains this is VERY common.
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    I just purchased a new Durango 3.92 gears limmeted slip,and have noticed the scrubbing noise.I seems that it makes the noise as the car is turning espicelly backing out of a parking spot and turning at the same time.I think problem in my Durango seems to be the limeted slip clutchs chattering as the rear wheels turn at different speeds through a slow turn, at high speed it seems to be ok.What needs to be done is the fluid to be changed to synthetic fluid and the main ingredient is the Limmeted Slip addative to be added first this is what helps prevent the clutched from binding.As far as the clunckig I have the same noise to dosen't seem to pose any problems there is more play in the drivetain of a 4wd so a noise here or there may be normal. Hope this helps
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    I wish to add my voice to those who have the truly bad luck of being owners of a Dodge Durango. Not only have I had a front end wheel noise and was stranded because of a electronic problem but now there is a recall on it. They should put a recall on the whole thing and give us our money back. Just to add insult to injury, my Dodge dealer is the absolute pitts!!!Shame on you Dailmer-Chrysler. What the hell was I thinking? Oh Yeah I wanted to buy a cheap 4X4. I got a cheap one allright!!!
  • piadillapiadilla Member Posts: 4
    I was wondering if anyone has a problem similar to the one I'm experiencing. In my 99 Durango, 18,000 miles, when I first start the car or have been standing in traffic for more than 1 minute , when I try to accelerate the truck revs really high before shifting into 2nd gear, after that all is normal. Also I have that annoying clunk when going from drive to reverse, I brought it to the dealer and was told that they couldn't hear anything unusual
  • maybenexttimemaybenexttime Member Posts: 1
    I too like those before me ended up going with the "cheap" Durango with it's bigger room and better towing capacity (for my future camping trailor now put on hold). I too have heard that "scrubbing" noise on slow turns coming from a stop. I would love to take it to my dealership, but I have lost confidence in the ability to actually fix problems! While I haven't had transmition or other problems mentioned in this site (knock on wood) my batery died at 9 months and I have had 4 electronic window failures, a loose hatch fixed twice, door lock clanking noice (afraid to take it to them) and the door lock jammed as a result of one of the attempted power window repairs (door jam took more than a day to fix!). What frustrates me the most is that when talking with a fried who used to own a Jeep, he mentioned his battery would die every 9 months (sounds familiar) and now I'm approaching 30,000 miles and 18 months of ownership (time for a new battery?). Additionally a friend of my wife used to own a Dodge back in college and had electronic window failures! It sounds like to me that Dodge knows it has quality issues and is not doing anything about it! I only wish I had my home computer before I bought my Durango and had looked up this site... thus my userid Maybe Next Time! I'm strongly considering taking the hit with dumping the Durango and going with a new minivan. At this point I have had big disappointments with my Chevy (college car), Mercury Cougar (get out of college car) and now the Dodge Durango! I hate to sound unpatriotic, but while the Durango is actually my wife's vehicle, my Nissan has almost 100,000 miles and NEVER had a problem. Am I just expecting too much from everyone else?
  • dubes1dubes1 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab and the rear end locked up at 40 MPH. I purchased this truck because of the towing ability. I have a 5000 pound boat and I am afraid to pull anything with this truck. My wife and I almost went through the windshield. Dealer replaced the complete rear end and it now howls like a pig waiting to have sex.
  • badtirewear1badtirewear1 Member Posts: 1
    We currently have around 43,000 miles on our 1998
    Durango. If we replace the front tires again, that will be our 5th set of tires. The dealership
    keeps saying that it is the alignment and that we
    should have it aligned every 3000 miles. Is that BS or what. Has anyone else had the same problem?
    Please respond.
  • hingramhingram Member Posts: 24
    When I was looking at SUV, I checked out the reputation of the Durango because I thought it was a great looking truck.

    I bought a Bravada.
  • durangocodurangoco Member Posts: 1
    Although I have had problems with my 2000 Durango with 5.8 with 3.92 full time transfer they seem minor compared to what apparently lies ahead. Nevertheless I did want to know if anyone else is having a problem with a loose washer fluid cap that causes rapid evaporation of the washer fluid and if so what fix is suggested. The dealer replaced the filler cap but it has the same issue as the last only less frequently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if anyone knows of a competent Dodge Dealer for service in the Greater Denver, CO area I would sure like to find one.
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    I have a 99' DD 4WD 32K MI. What a "POS"! This vehicle has been in the shop 21 times in 22mths.
    I am currently taking advantage of the SOUTH CAROLINA "LEMON LAW". Please look into it. It will protect you from your "POS" too. My problems consist of: 3, out of round tires, steering shaft assembly broke twice, light switch broke twice.(no lights) wind noise, horn broke,(after it got stuck!) battery exploded, valves knock so bad it sounds like a diesel, back seat came loose,(no passengers) screws came out of finder well, any three attempts to fix problem and you qualify. Crysler must reimburse the sales price of the vehicle plus intrest and taxes. "SWEET"!
  • abaltoabalto Member Posts: 22
    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
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    Many people will now probably say that I'm a sucker..or a glutton for punishment. Let me tell you what I just did.
    I bought a 1999 Dodge Durango, black as coal and looked very tough. Loved it from the start. Had it loaded, leather, the works. Even installed a high dollar CB and COP radio. Bought it as a program vehicle at 6500 miles. the problems start...and I won't quote mileage. Oh yeah, big mistake, didn't do the 100,000 warranty either. I replaced the power steering pump, the starter, had window failures. The usual squeaks. Revving up the tack to almost six and a half going down the highway pulling my 1500 boat. It was the 5.9 V8 so I heard that it could pull 8,000 pounds. screws coming out of the seat. O/D light coming on for no apparent reason, and then on Tuesday of this week, my service engine soon light came on with no apparent reason and I took it to the dealer. He said a sensor went out in the transmission and it would be a $1600 bill to fix. I told them piss on it and ended up buying a 2000 "bright white" Durango, 5.9, V8 with all the trimmings. I'm going to give it another chance because I love the looks I get when I'm driving and no truck on the road looks tougher at this point. Yes, I'm a typical guy, love the toys and stuff. Money isn't a problem to spending $35 grand on a vehicle but over that could cause a headache. We'll see what misfortunes come with this new one. It has 3500 miles and yes it's another program vehicle. This seems to run much smoother because I traded the '99 on Tuesday and it only had 48,000 miles. I'm sorry all you people are going through this, I am a bit surprised to read all the posts about this vehicle. It's kind of depressing in a way but hopefully "Good guys where bright white" will do the trick, Wish me luck!!!!!

    Signed: On my 2nd Durango
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    I bought my 1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 in January of this year and everything I am reading is the same. The noise when putting it in reverse, the a/c problems (very inconsistent, blows hot air, but sometimes it is cold and it has a rough drive. I now have it in the shop because it doesn't shift when it gets to 35 miles/hour. They are telling me it needs a new transmission. At 60,000 miles!! This is unbelievable. My Mazda 626 had 140,000 miles on it and my mechanic said it would get another at least 100K out of it! What do you do when you are upside down in your financing but want to trade it in for a car that doesn't have these problems????
  • dodgeidiotdodgeidiot Member Posts: 4
    We bought a 99 Durango loaded, paid way too much. Loved the car until last winter. Moved to where the snow gets deep, and slid across the hwy. My problem is this: 4wd won't engage until you stop, put it in reverse, and then forward again. Kind of hard to do when your frantically trying to get it to engage!!! Once we get it into 4wd, there is a loud clunk (who knows? the dealership can't find it). Often times can't get it back out of 4wd. there are a lot of other small issues I have with this vehicle, paint peeling, squealing shocks, and other misc parts falling off. Does anyone else have a problem with thier 4wd or just us????? Dealership says they can't duplicate the problem til the roads get icy....hmmmmmmm that's when I need it!!!!!!! doh!!!
  • ohnodurango1ohnodurango1 Member Posts: 1
    i loved my durango when i first got it. i've had it for four months and now i hate it. i bought it brand new 2000 fully loaded. after two and a half months the auto locks went berserk. the jeep would not lock. the locks kept clicking. i live in n.y. could not take this overpriced so and so anywhere. it took the dealerhip about three to four weeks to find the part and fix it. in the mean time i'm stuck taking public transport or catching whenever i try to lock the damm truck it buzzes like a door i swear the truck is possessed. and not only that now the romote on the keys won't work.this is no longer a love hate relationship, it's now a hate hate relationship.
  • cgperrycgperry Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my loaded 1998 Durango before they ever hit the dealer lot. Received it with 14 miles on it. It is now 30 months old and approaching 88000 miles and I have only had one major complaint, a differential rebuild at 76000 miles. I've had a few of the other people's complaints - three batteries so far and that noise from the rear (solved by changing fluid), but generally I love this truck and am very impressed with it. I wonder if they started to cheapen things after 98 to make more money? I was considering trading this one for a 2000 R/T, but maybe I'll be happy that I got a gem and keep this one.

    I also bought a third party 7 year 150000 mile warranty for $1600 and it has been great - paid for itself with the differential rebuild. I should also mention that I'm religious about scheduled maintenance and my dealer (Rick Hendrick Dodge, Charleston SC) has been consistently great.
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