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00 Impala Keyless Entry

mudrivermudriver Member Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Is anyone else having problems with the keyless
entry on the 2000 impala's
Had mine for about 5 months and can't get remotes
to work ( work about 20% of time ).
had to chevy shop two times and still no luck !!



  • cookie00cookie00 Member Posts: 29
    Mine is perfect. Not a problem at all. Do yours just not unlock/lock the doors or what?

    One guy in the Impala forum even had his in his pocket when he swam in the ocean and it worked great when he dried it out....

    Sorry for your problem...
  • mudrivermudriver Member Posts: 7
    Will lock doors all the time, will unlock drivers side door 90% of time, unlock other three doors matbe 10 % of time & truck 60%.
    I'll give dealer one more chance to fix before contacting GM.
    Does anyone know if a complete receiver chage is possible ?
  • chevyrulzchevyrulz Member Posts: 10
    mudriver,I'm sorry you're having problems with your k-less entry..have you tried all the programming options through the radio?
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