95 Civic - Fix or Sell As Is?

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I have a 1995 Honda Civic LX with 106K miles in very good condition, never had a problem with it. I now use public transportation to commute to work and hardly ever use the car so I'm looking to sell it. This morning the mechanic told me it needs new front brake pads, a new radiator, a new oil pan gasket, a tune up, and a new timing belt at 120K. All of this work will restore it tip-top shape. I'm interested to hear what I should have fixed before I sell the car. Thanks!


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    Does it have problems that has caused the mechanic to suggest those things?

    - radiator leaking or clogged, requireing a replacement
    - front pads squealing or grinding or pulsating, requireing replacement?
    - oil leaking from your engine, requireing gasket replacement?
    - engine running rough, hesitating, poor mileage....noticeable to a buyer?
    - timing belt is known maintenance

    Unless that stuff is absolutely needed to fix a problem to sell, you will probably not get that much more for the 13 yr old vehicle.

    Where are you located? ;) and how much do you want? ;);););)
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    The car has never given me any problems and runs fine. I purchased the car used with 95K miles for $5000. The KBB lists between $3500 (Fair) and $4000 (Good), the average selling price on AutoTrader is $3800. Considering the interior is in great condition, the car runs well, and the recommendations I was thinking that $3000 would be a reasonable price.
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    I notice Civics selling for more than Blue Book. Anyone else notice this too?
    I have a rear end rattle and maybe a cv bad.
    How much to fix a cv?
    Any know issues with that rattle when it rolls, faster rattle as speed increases?
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    I think the best rule of thumb is to consider whether the combined cost of repairs actually pushes your 95 Civic from very good condition into the excellent condition category, allowing you to recover and even profit from the cost of repairs. You should probably avoid spending more and only recovering a portion of what it cost to to repair the vehicle. For instance, if you spend $500 in repairs but that only bumps up the value of your Civic another $200, then the repairs are not nearly worth the effort or expense. Ask an educated, impartial source to valuate your car before and after repairs (poll 2 or 3 other mechanics) or use online Blue Book sources at kbb.org.
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    I just received a 1995 Honda Civic SI Couple and the car needs coolant. What kind of coolant should be used? The standard green? The orange? The 50 / 50 diluted? or the Honda coolant? I don't have owner's manual and would appreciate input.
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    first i'd check for any leaks, anywhere. Then once you have determined that, I would ONLY use the Honda coolant. It's a special formulation, there will be people that tell you aftermarket is just as good, but I haven't seen that. Use the honda coolant. It's premixed and all you do is pour it into the coolant system

    And at this age, I would recommend draining out the coolant, replacing the coolant hoses and clamps and then refilling it with new coolant. Another thing to check is when the last time the timing belt was replaced. They also replace the water pump when they do that. If the belt snaps, bye bye engine. It's not fun! Try this.. you'd have to repair the entire engine, not good! So definitely find that out!

    Hope that helps.
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