2008 Honda Accord Lighting

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Coming from an Audi A6 im used to HID headlights. I know replacint these with better halogen ones wont be as good but its better then stock ones. How do I found out what bulb I need? The manual mentions nothing. I dont feel like taking the bulbs out to find out they dont have the kind I need in stock? Anyone know. Thanks.


  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    Ok I found the light needed for the 2008 accord low beam its an hb4 which equlas a 9600 light. The stock light says 51watts and the sylvania silvertstars say 55w is it safe to put these in? I dont want to mess anything up.Thanks for your help.
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    Is there any reason that you have for changing the already excellent light output of the stock 2008 Accord headlamps? At least they don't blind oncoming drivers the way that HIDs do.

    If you end up putting in a hotter bulb, be sure that you don't melt that very expensive housing.
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    The current fad is changing headlights, "debadging" the car, lowering the car, and 20" wheels with spinners.
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    Ah, fads... They come and they GO. In many instances, thank goodness.
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    You know what, I am going to be honest, it really ticks me off when other drivers put in those insanely blue WANNABE HIDs! It literally blinds you! If I were a police officer, I would pull someone over so quickly it would make their head spin. Its so ghetto! I think sometimes fog lights are rediculous, they blind you too! You DO NOT need fog lights in the CITY.

    Now, the Nissan maxima is the biggest offender of blinding lights, its bad!

    Now, there is a difference between putting those bulbs in, and buying some nice
    light bulbs that are more efficient, but don't blind traffic. I saw we were on this topic, and had to mention this.

    If you really want HIDs than get one installed, the 08 accord sedan would look sharp with them, but I feel its going way over the top. Get the whole deal, HID, it'll be better than the bulb itself.

    The 08 Coupe has upgraded lights, but the sedan did not, which is weird. Even the Camry, Sonata has them, But, I wouldn't call them full HID.
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    All I want is a more pure white bulb? Why would this burn the housing? Its a sylvania 12v 55 w bulb. Any advice?
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    You might want to even call American honda, to be safe. They should be able to tell you.
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    Check vtec.net. There are forums there from Accord coupe owners who swapped to HID. Even some photos. Good luck.
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