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Mazda CX-9 Pet Peeves



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Fog lights only operational when headlights are on.

    You will have the same issue on a Volvo XC-90 and Mercedes S550.

    The "premium" $2,000 stereo isn't so premium. "Is that subwoofer working"?

    It blows away my mother in laws Maxima by a long shot. No contest.

    Beep...beep....beep....beep. Everything has a beep or multiple beeps. Give me a break with these beeps!

    First, one system that beeps in the BSMS, of which you can turn off (read your owners manual). Second, the car will beep if you leave your car on and exit the car with the Smart Key in hand. Kinda nice, don't you think? Third, buckle your seat belt!!!!!

    Power rear lift gate only opens if car doors are unlocked? What's up with that? Plus the outside button on the rear door only unlocks the car doors, does not also engage the auto lift gate? Maybe there's a problem with mine only since this doesn't seem right.

    That's right. By design. Not all people want the lift gate to open automatically by touching the hidden button. Are you that lazy you cant hit the key on your remote?

    Overall low quality interior materials. Hard-Plasticky dash, cheapo handles, flimsy gear shift, roughly stitched steering wheel, poor quality leather (is it really leather).

    Compared to what? Your 5 yr old Murano? I think not.

    I'll be going back to a Volvo XC-90 V8 or Mercedes 550 S

    Leaving a "blue collar" brand for a luxury one. I hope extra $50,000 for the S550 is worth it.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    $40K.....WAY OUT OF LINE for this.

    I guess Mazda cannot please everyone. Motor Trend (2008 SUV of the Year), Consumer Reports, C & D, R & T, and the thousands of other owners for the most part all seem to think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I have a question for you. WHY DID YOU BUY IT?!?!?!?! Was it because you could not afford the $100,000 S550 or didn't feel like going back to the Volvo dealership who are all too familiar with because your XC-90 would have it's own private service / repair bay?
  • Well, at first glance the car seemed okay but after owning it a while a ton of annoyances and cost cutting measures became apparent. Oh and I just opened the hood weighs a ton and yippie...a stick to hold it up! No gas shocks...not a one in sight. Now that's bad.

    Another thing I noticed, I'm 6' 4" (not exactly a center for the Knicks) and with the seat at its lowest, I have haybe 1" of head clearance. If I hit a bump real hard....bang. And this isn't a small car. The Volvo had at least 3" to spare. Gotta take the baseball cap off when getting in this beauty.

    In reality, its probably just not for me.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Most car manufacturers do not utilize hydro shocks for the hood.

    It seems you are really used to higher end cars in which you pay for these things that the CX-9 is lacking. For the price you pay for the CX-9, you get a lot of car. It has been documented to have high quality, especially for the class it is in.

    In reality, its probably just not for me.

    Not every car will appeal to everyone. To each their own.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    One pays top $$$$ for high-end vehicles, which might employ better materials but not necessarily better reliability. I owned a '98 BMW 540iA for 10 years (dumped it for my CX9). My BMW had so many problems that I lost count of them. I got to know every service advisors of my local BMW by their first names..... :)
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Another pet peeve I have with the CX-9 is the manual shift which is totally counter-intuitive ~ to down-shift you have to push up instead of pull down! Conventional wisdom says that if you want to slow down, you pull instead of push! Oh, well! :confuse:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    BMW is that way too
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Actually, (I read it from some reviews) some reviewer claimed that Mazda got it right while others did it wrong.
    You see, people have different opinions on this. There is no way to please everyone.
  • 1. I have owned a BMW automatic for six years. I find the manual shifting (forward for downshift/back for upshift) to be more intuitive if you've ever driven a stick. I'm used to it, and the Mazdas are the only other cars I've driven that match the BMW, so I love that. From the first time I drove this car, it handled like a poor man's X5 (with a real third row seat). The pulling action reminds me of upshifts to 3rd and 5th. I guess it's whatever you're used to.

    2. My Dad always bought cheap Pontiacs and Chevys when I was a kid. My first four cars were two Pontiacs, a Subaru, and a Nissan. All had hinges or gas struts for the hood. If you ask me, a dirty prop rod on a car that starts at $30K is unforgivably cheap. I even pointed it out to the salesman when I test drove the car.

    3. Why don't the fog lights come on the mid-level Touring model? Since when are fog lights a high-end luxury feature?

    4. During my test drives I also noticed the very washed out Nav screen. The saleman said it was just that particular car. I don't even want/need Nav, but you have to get it to get the power tailgate? What's up with that bundling strategy?

    5. I actually like the Bose stereo. It's better than the Bose system in the Murano I test drove, and much better than the Harman Kardan in my BMW.

    6. I agree: you really can't compare quality and standard features between a Mazda and a premium brand. A loaded CX-9 is $43K. A similarly equipped X5 will be better built, and a slightly better driver, but will cost you $60K. An MDX will run close to $50K. And,...there won't be any $8,500 discounts on those cars.

    Overall, this is a great car for the money - especially the out-the-door money - and you can get a low end one that gives you the basic goodness of the chasis and steering for only $31K MSRP if that is what you want. I'm glad Mazda made it.

  • Asia3Asia3 Posts: 9
    We bought the low end sport because my kids don't like leather. The only extra on it was the driver electric seat. We have only had it two weeks, but so far we love it.

    For the $22k price we paid I think it is a great car!
  • $22,000? Are you on crack? NO WAY did you get any form of CX-9 for that. Without tires, paint, door's....still no way.

    Invoice on this car with NO OPTIONS is about $28,000 and there's not many of those out there. Even if you found one, NO DEALER is taking $6,000 off that!

    You couldn't even get $6,000 off a GM (anything) with a $28,000 invoice and they REALLY need the bucks.

    Why do people lie on these message boards?

    BTW....I started liking my CX-9 GT, AWD Loaded edition more. I was originally too picky, its actually not too bad aside from that gigantic console. LOL!
  • Asia3Asia3 Posts: 9
    The MSRP was $30,300 and they knocked off $8,500. The out the door price with tax was around $23k. Look on the Edmunds forums on best CX-9 deals if you don't believe me. They had too many 08's left and were giving some great deals.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Two other people report recent similar deals on the Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience board and three others were offered discounts of around $8,000, all for 2008 models.

    I think you should go see your own local dealer before casting aspersions on others. The deals are out there.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Invoice on this car with NO OPTIONS is about $28,000 and there's not many of those out there. Even if you found one, NO DEALER is taking $6,000 off that!

    Right now, there is a $4,250 dealer support a customer can take advantage of if the opt to not take the special financing. Holdback is roughly $500-$700 on CX-9's. Some people out there are getting a total of $6,000-$8,000 off MSRP depending on trim (Sport, Touring, GT). I have heard some as high as $10,000 off MSRP.

    As a Mazda dealer, I can tell you the savings you can take advantage of are remarkable right now.
  • Asia3Asia3 Posts: 9
    I doubt if finding out others are getting great deals on the CX-9 is going to improve Beta's pleasant dispositon. :)
  • I just called my Mazda dealer and confronted him with the up to $10k discount. His response was "am I crazy". Tell you get me $10,000 off a loaded GT and I'll take it for my daughter.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Please spend a little time to read this thread yourself. Maybe just the last 50 posts or so....
    "Mazda CX-9: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences"
    Examples are abundant.
  • Hate to tell ya dude, but you are wrong. I, too, got almost 10k off my 08 Sport CX-9. I paid 22.2 (MSRP was 31,935) for a awd sport with power drivers seat and roof rack. That price included all fees except doc fees ($140) and sales tax (6%). As others have suggested, read the thread. No one has any reason to lie.
  • Yep, bought a 2008 GT AWD for $10,200 off. $40,200 sticker got it for $30K even back in October. Didn't even have to haggle.

    Back to pet peeves though. Does anybody elses center speaker grill on the dash buzz on rough roads? Also my driver's window starts buzzing too usually on the same roads. I'm getting annoyed with these two rattles.
  • Just bought the GT AWD w/ moonrf/bose, NAV, and towing for $30,400. It was the dealer demo though, so that might explain why I got it $10000 under MSRP. I also saw a bunch at a dealership that had every 2008 at $10000 under MSRP.

    I have no major complaints, but I do have issues with the headroom in the front with the moonroof and the NAV system is a little weird. This is my first experience with a NAV system, so I have no point of reference, but it seems clunky to me. I'm in the IT field and whoever designed/programmed this must not have had a regular user in mind when designing it. Where are the buttons to go to a previous screen, I find myself having to hit the NAVI button all the time to go back to the original screen to start all over again?

    Overall, I love this car. It's soooo much better to drive than my Montero Sport, which clunky and had no features.
  • jckeenanjckeenan Posts: 3
    *Worst tire traction ever. Constantly skidding through snow, worst ever.
    *Poor seat heaters. Anyone else have a problem?
    *Paint bubbling and peeling off back emblem plate (replaced)
    *Poor Bose quality
    *"Key" light comes on frequently while driving... ????
    *Windows go down fine, but "thump" on the way back up

    Some of these are move than peeves, actual problems. I've only had the car since May. Not the happiest.... I also am having poor customer service at my dealer. Example with windows, "Mam, I don't hear what you hear" But everyone else in my car does....
  • vikefan7vikefan7 Posts: 8
    I don't have a problem with the seat heaters, other than they get too damn hot. Would be nice to have a few options for how hot you want them to get.

    My Bose sounds awesome, no complaints there.

    As far as the key light is concerned, look in the manual. It suggests not putting your key in certain areas of the car because it can't "see" it.

    I also have the thumping noise when my windows are rolled up, but it doesn't really bother me. It just means there's a good seal. :) If your window sounds like mine does, I don't know how they couldn't hear it...
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    *Worst tire traction ever. Constantly skidding through snow, worst ever.
    > Bridgestone Dueler 400 H/L is bad on snow. It's well-known.

    *Poor seat heaters. Anyone else have a problem?
    > One setting is not flexible to anyone. But "poor"? What do you meant?

    *Paint bubbling and peeling off back emblem plate (replaced)
    > Not a problem on mine.

    *Poor Bose quality
    > When it comes to stereo, it is relative. People who know will say thar all Bose systems are trash. I think mine on CX9 is way better than my other vehicles. Of course, I am one of those who don't know stereo well.

    *"Key" light comes on frequently while driving... ????
    > Your SmartKey ECU cannot see your key. Where do you put your key when it happened? SmartKey fob can be interfered by cell phone. Don't put them in the same pocket.

    *Windows go down fine, but "thump" on the way back up
    > If the "thump" happens in the middle when rolling up/down, your problem is waiting to happen. Mine evetually stuck half-way. The cause is very simple. Some styroform(?) came loose blocking the glass mechanism. Let Mazda dealer check it out. It should be very smooth and quiet going up or down.
  • vikefan7vikefan7 Posts: 8
    Mone only thumps when it completely closes.
  • It amazes me what people whine about.

    So the CX 9 isn't what? I think it's a wonderful vehicle. It is fast, quiet, smooth, excellent on the longerg drives.

    The ONLY think I don't really care for is where they put the seat controls. I activate the seatback control every time I get in, and have to readjust it. Just a quirk, and I have gotten used to it. I think I'd rather have the seat controls on the door, though.

    What can I say? I love my Mazda. It's been a wonderful experience from the day I walked into the dealership and signed the papers.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It amazes me what people whine about.

    Whines and peeves are not the same thing.

    The ONLY think [sic] I don't really care for is where they put the seat controls.

    Is that a whine or a peeve? ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    - Incredibly annoying, every time I start the car I need to press the "Outside" button to display the external temperature.

    - Use actual aluminum on the trim pieces around the center console and doors. The coating on the plastic pieces is very fragile.

    - Programming phone numbers in the bluetooth is very frustrating. Any mistake or misspelling throws you back at the main menu.

    - No way to give commands while the automated voice recites all the phone options.
  • avmbaavmba Orange County, CAPosts: 27
    Actually, you can give commands and interrupt the system by pressing the phone button on the steering wheel while the automated voice is talking. Give it a try!
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    In regards to your bullet #2 about the trim pieces, if you find the paint is scraping off easily, there is a TSB out for Mazda to replace those pieces free of charge.

    Mine were damaged and all scraped up within 1 month and I wrote to Mazda to complain. Soon after a TSB was issued.

    They'll replace for free if car is under warranty.
  • ewsncewsnc Posts: 14
    Noticed it on My 09 GT AWD. Is it left open by design or is my car missing a cover? I saw dirt has found it way in and started to build up.
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