Should I buy a used Chevrolet Aveo?

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would it be worth buying a used 2007 Aveo LT with only 10,000 miles on it for 13500? or would i be better off buying any other car besides the aveo? i ask because some pple write about the aveos being horrible cars and that they arent reliable. So, should i buy that aveo or any aveo for that matter.....or should i not trust this car and look elsewhere?


  • bobokadofbobokadof Member Posts: 9
  • bobokadofbobokadof Member Posts: 9
    how reliable has your Aveo been?
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    I haven't looked at the prices recently but if I recall a totally loaded Aveo was about $15,000. That price seems a bit high for a year-old model. The 5-year warranty is very good but the decision is yours. Keep in mind that you may find just as many complaints at the Toyota Yaris site as you will here. Most people on the forum are here to vent frustration and that is only a minority of the buyers.
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    well this was a fully loaded 07 LT. a new one w the same features costs about 16500 here.... which puts me in the price range to buy a new yaris which from consumer and expert reviews seem to be a better car. or at 16500 i could go up a thousand dollars more and open my options even more HHR, Civic.... ect. but i dont really want to spend that much unless i have to. i just dont want to buy this car and then all the bad stuff i've read about it comes true.
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    Personally, I'd see what your local dealer has in the way of a new LS. You might find you won't give up too much to step down from the LT to the LS and get a new 2008 instead of a 2007 with 10,000 miles on it.

    Then again, I'm somewhat cheap. I've never owned a car with power locks or windows and don't really care to. Too many people I know who had large repair bills because of them, no matter what the make or model. My last car was the first one I owned with a Sunroof. I'll never do that again. $1200 repair bill after 4 years because of it (thank goodness it was covered by my insurance), and it broke AGAIN this summer at 7 years old. That's the car I traded for my Aveo. LS Sedan, the only option I got was the upgraded 6 speaker stereo with MP3 CD player. I really wanted the stick instead of the automatic. Much more enjoyable for me.

    I imagine that if the LT has been well maintained, it won't give you any significant problems vs. a new one, and the powertrain warranty is transferable, but I'm wondering why someone would be selling it so soon. Was it a program car?

    You'll find that there are just as many horror stories about the Yaris and the Fit out there as there are about the Aveo. It's true that people are more likely to pipe up and complain than they are to compliment something.

    I believe that the Aveo had nearly a 46% share of the subcompact market in 07 (or was it in 06? Not sure on that), and there are an awful lot of them on the road. Strange that I never really noticed them till I started looking at one. Now I see them everywhere.
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    You'll find that there are just as many horror stories about the Yaris and the Fit out there as there are about the Aveo.

    Wrong! I've followed every message on the Fit/Yaris/Versa boards since they were introduced and there are virtually ZERO problems by comparison. A couple of glitches with some sensors on early Versas and a dashboard rattle on the Yaris seems to be it for complaints.

    It's arguably a decent used car at $8-10K, but at $13,500, I'd go for a Toyota/Honda before another Aveo. Quality seems to be inconsistent and some replacement parts can be very pricey vs other brands.
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    The Honda Fit just had a recall for air bags not working. The Yaris complaints that I have read are the poor interior layout, quality of materials, butt ugly appearance, and mileage. Most of those complaints are the owners fault for buying the car based on previous perceptions of Toyota quality and not giving it a thorough going over before purchase. Based on looks alone I would buy anything but the Yaris, I couldn't live with that. Oh I forgot, Toyota dealers service writers have a reputation of brainwashing customers into believing that defects are just normal wear and tear issues.
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    This particular site isn't the only source of information. All things being equal, I'd have to say that the Fit is probably a better car than the Aveo, and the Yaris is probably about on par with it, though I don't care for the look of the Yaris at all and I think the interior fit and finish is not on par with the Aveo...

    But all things aren't equal. For one, the price of both the Yaris and Fit is substantially more (when you're talking about this price range at any rate) than the Aveo. It was made even more so for me thanks to a GM Supplier discount.
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    I was referring to long-term reliability, not appearance and interior layout. You can see that at the dealer's lot. What you can't see is how a car will hold up at 100K or 200K miles -- every modern car sold is expected to last a bare minimum of 150K miles over its lifespan. Many will go much higher than that.

    I bought my Aveo for the attractive price compared to Honda/Toyota, but the maintenance and repair cost, compared to other cars I've owned, has more than erased the initial savings.

    It's not a bad car for those who will keep it less than 50K miles and then trade, though.
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    Wave, isn't your car the 150,000 + mile Aveo that was posted on here last year. If not I must be thinking of someone else who used their car for an auto parts store runabout. 50,000 miles would be ridiculous at this time of age and my 1988 Pontiac Lemans (Daewoo) would easily exceed 100,000 without any big problems though I got rid of it at 44,000 miles because it was too small and I didn't feel safe. It did get very good mileage though and the only issues I had with it was an ignition starting problem whenever it rained or had heavy moisture in the air I wasn't too confident that it would start. It had a poor design flaw at least the first year with the ignition coil facing the ground in a stupid place asking for trouble. I did get the extended warranty which saved me though. It had the SOHC 1.6 engine. What could I expect for $5,990.
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    Wave, isn't your car the 150,000 + mile Aveo that was posted on here last year. If not I must be thinking of someone else who used their car for an auto parts store runabout.

    I used to put on quite a few miles up until last June -- about 1200 mi./week, but I did that for the last 15 years with other vehicles as well. The Aveo had more maintenance issues than it should have for a modern car. I had a 1978 Pinto that was much less expensive to maintain in over 100K miles!

    There's no doubt that the car will run for many miles, but at what cost? I drove a company-provided 97 Kia that had 250K on it when I returned it. It was in decent shape if you overlook the thousands that were dumped into the car to keep it going.

    One of my co-workers sold her 2 Echos with 180K and 340K in 2006 to buy a Scion xB that now has 120K miles. She's had ZERO unplanned maintenance on any of the 3 cars -- only one brake service on the older Echo. I saw her every day -- I know she had no breakdowns, yet I'm pulling up in a rental with the Aveo in the shop again.

    I looked at the Echo before I bought the Aveo. They were few and far between and thousands more than what I paid for the equivalent car. I thought the Echo was as ugly as sin, but ultimate reliability and low costs are my priority.

    I balked at the price -- my bad.
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    I bought a 2007 aveo 5 LS with 2k for only 9 grand. It is in excellent contition has the cd/mp3 player and fog lights. So far I love this car. It now has 6500 miles. I used to drive a crown vic and the gas was killing me. I drive about 350 miles a week.
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    Have fun with the car but follow the maintenance schedule and you will have the car for many years to come.
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    The Aveo is worth buying! I have a 2005 Aveo with a manual transmission with 120,000 miles on it and I still get 40-42 miles a gallon. I drive 170 miles a day of highway driving to work and back and I have had very little problems with the car. My Aveo is little beat up, I drive on dirt roads, so there are dents in the body, missing gas cover and a cracked windshield, but it runs like a charm. It has never failed to start even in -20 below zero weather here in Minnesota. I plan on buying another Aveo once this one reaches 200,000 miles.
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    That's your choice. So don't worry. :confuse:
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    I own a 2005 chevy aveo ls hatchback, I love my car ! I will tell you of the issues I have had which are not very many:
    1) the gas cap was replaced under warranty, it was a recall
    2) the a/c vent covers in the dash cracked due to heat and were replaced at no charge
    3) A recall to re-program the car's computer for easier repair diagnostics was done at no charge
    4) I was required to REPLACE my timimg belt BEFORE reaching 60,ooo miles in order to keep my extended warranty from being voided. Timing belt breakage has resulted in people needing new engines due to the extensive damage this causes. Since this was required maintenance I had to replace the timing belt at my own cost. I replaced the other smaller belt also to be safe.
    5) I have heard of an issue with the plastic housing on the thermostat cracking and allowing coolant to spew on the engine in the 2004-2005 models, but this has not ever happened to me.
    6) I have heard of hatchback latches breaking but mine has shown no problems.
    7) the clock acts wierd and runs ok for a week or so then it loses time and has to be re-set.
    I get about 30 miles to the gallon and do alot of short trips city driving, and get about 32 mpg on longer trips. My insurance is low and I have kept up only the minor maintenance such as brakes, tires, oil changes, oil and air filter, and one new battery. I have 70,000 miles and have not tuned-up or flushed coolant or changed fuel filter or anything major, but am about to flush coolant just to be safe. I have had the car hooked to a computer to check for any error codes and none were found. The car has never failed to start even in 9 degrees winter weather, AND IT HAS NEVER BROKEN DOWN WHILE DRIVING. All gauges work fine except the clock. It has never run hot or slow and can go 100 mph if you need it to. I am cautious when around tall SUV's cause they have trouble seeing me and they cut me off if I am in their blind spot when they go to change lanes.
    Just drive more cautious because like a motorcycle this car is harder to see. But it has saved me alot of money on gas and repairs. It is comfy for two people up front and has room for three in the back, although two in the back would be better. The fold-down seat feature has come in handy when hauling home purchases and taking pets to the vet, etc..I won't trade this car until it quits on me, and the major electronics are under warranty til 80,000 miles, so I expect to get at least that much use out of it before needing anything major. How many new cars can say that and it be true? I love my Aveo, it is the best decision my husband ever made for me !
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