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I have a 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged When I take off and get on it hard the frontend starts to bottom out and it hits HARD,it will not stop untill I let off of the gas.It hits hard enough that it will nock itself out of gear.Has anyone else had this problem?and if so how can it be fixed?My dealer said they all do this because they have so much torque,I dont buy it.


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    i have a 02 and it does the same in first gear. a torque dampner will help. what is happening is wheel hop from tire spin. :shades:
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    Coni suspension pieces may do the trick. Do a search on Google and you will find dedicated Cobalt forums with high performance modifications and drivers reports.
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    Where does the torque dampner go? Also the other person said coni suspension what is that?
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    my cobalt is a 06 i put 02 on the other post. nippon. com has a pretty good pic of the damper and location. i think poncho is refering to some after market manufactures of struts and springs. there is also some engine mount upgrades. :)
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    okko I tried to go to and notthing comes up,am I not spelling it right or what? cobaltken
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    sorry google nipponpower
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