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Is break-in period required for new MDX?

bhtran_62bhtran_62 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Acura
I just bought the new MDX and I plan to drive it on a ski trip. I wonder if I need to drive it a few hundred miles in the normal condition before take it to the mountain.

Any comments would be appreciated?


  • I was told that there is a break in period for 1,000 on the vehicle... altering the speed, not too heavy on gas or break. In addition, the internet sales manager directed me NOT to use the cruise control for the first 500 miles.

    Good luck!
  • brahda808brahda808 Posts: 25
    I got an 08 and in the manual I saw 600 miles. Is it 1000?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Newer vehicles don't really require the type of break in that you used to see in vehicles 20-30 years ago.

    The ECU (engine control unit) knows how many miles are on the car and adjusts the car for break in automatically by limiting fuel, shift points, etc.

    You can actually do more damage by BABYING the car than by driving it normally. The reason is that engine parts won't fit together as well if the motor is never driven in normal conditions during the 1st thousand miles.

    About the only thing most mechanical engineers would tell you is not to drive the vehicle at excessive speeds or at the same RPM for extended periods during the 1st thousand miles or so.
  • seawolf21seawolf21 Posts: 11
    Don't have the manual on me right now but I did read that section less than a week ago. Avoid heavy acceleration and heavy breaking for 600 miles.
  • brahda808brahda808 Posts: 25
    Thanks. I just got up to 800 miles. Just 200 more miles and I can use the cruise control again. I was using the cruise control when I first got the MDX to prevent myself from exceeding the speed limit. I didn't know I wasn't suppose to use it until I read it here. Hope I didn't do any harm to the engine.
  • seawolf21seawolf21 Posts: 11
    I've been using the cruise control as well. Owner's manual DID NOT indicate not to use cruise control during the break-in period.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Break-in for '07-'08 MDX:

    For first 600 miles:
    -avoid full throttle starts and rapid acceleration
    -do not tow a trailer

    Avoid hard braking for the first 200 miles

    Do not change the oil until it tells you to

    Also, right next to the break-in paragaph is the fuel recommendations:
    -the engine is designed to run 91 oct.
    -if 91 is unavailable, 87 may be used temporarily as it can cause "knocking" and will decrease performance, the long term use of regular grade gas can lead to engine damage :sick:
  • brahda808brahda808 Posts: 25
    Cool. If the manual didn't say not to use the cruise control, I must assume that it is safe and I didn't cause any engine damage. Thanks, I feel a lot better.
  • seawolf21seawolf21 Posts: 11
    However, if you google engine break-in, you'll see many advice on NOT to use cruise control for an extended period of time (to avoid constant revs).
  • Does anyone know what might happen for too much hard breaking during the first 200 miles?
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