2009 Lexus Small SUV/RAV 4

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Anyone have any specifics of the 2009 Lexus small suv which may be based on the RAV4 platform that is intended to compete against the BMW X3?


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    Toyota may build a compact Lexus SUV--even though company executives repeatedly have denied interest in the niche.

    The little Lexus would compete with the BMW X3, Acura RDX and Infiniti EX35 crossovers--and the coming Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5 crossovers.

    Executives worried that such an offering would diminish the Lexus brand and overlap with Toyota-badged vehicles.

    But the proliferation of vehicles in the compact-luxury segment has led the executives to rethink their stance.

    Jim Lentz, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. president, says a small Lexus SUV could be a response to the "urbanization" of Gen Y buyers and empty-nest boomers.

    Toyota's advanced product strategy group is studying a demographic trend--people who are "sick of the suburbs, but who don't want to give up the utility of their SUV," he said.

    "A small luxury SUV might be the right product for that environment," Lentz said.

    But he said a $30,000 compact SUV might not work because of luxury features that would be sacrificed to hit the price.

    Going smaller than the RX 350 crossover would require an all-wheel-drive version of the RAV4 platform.
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    build a luxury crossover off the RAV4 platform?? I guess the powertrain it would use is ready to go, but BOY would this thing need a lot of refining from its RAV4 roots to sell as a Lexus! I doubt they could do all the modification they would need to do to make it a credible Lexus and sell it for much less than an RX350. And if they are $3-4K apart in price, what's really the point?

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    But on the other hand a Lexus hybrid RX230(RAV4) with the RX's hybrid AWD and with the new Prius 1.8L I4 Atkinson cycle engine might be just the ticket. Many of us who prefer FE over performance (RX400h...) would pay a premium for one of those.
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    Oh yeah, I am with you there, but I bet if they offered that they would offer the same in the RAV. In fact, I bet the RAV's version would come first. And given that a Lexus built off the RAV4 platform would be nothing like the RX350 in refinement, etc, wouldn't you just buy the Toyota version and save $5 grand?

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    What would be wrong with a Lexus built off the RAV4 platform? In case you don't know most Lexus are built off Toyota platforms, i.e. Camry, Avalon, Highlander, Corolla, etc.
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    Because the RAV4 platform is a bit tacky as the basis for a Lexus.

    And no Lexus is based on the Corolla.

    And Toyota already announced that the current ES is the LAST based on a Camry. Clearly they are not too crazy about the notion of Lexi based on Toyota platforms either...

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    "I bet the RAV's version would come first..."

    You're essentually accusing Lexus (and Toyota) marketing folks of being stupid, which they are not! Introducing the RAV first would be severely reducing the higher profit potential that would result if the Lexus RAV led the Toyota by about a year or so.

    How many potential, deep pocket, upscale buyers would op for the Toyota were it to come out first?
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    We were talking specifically of the hybrid powertrain, weren't we? I don't think it would steal Lexus sales if they put the hybrid powertrain first in the very tacky, definitely-no-Lexus RAV4.

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    Called SE Toyota (Big boys these) asking when 2009 RAV-4 would be out. They said 6 Nov and would be only minor upgrades. Obviously this isn't the rumored Japanese named Vanguard rumored to be the new RAV-4. Assume the Vanguard will be a Lexus or if a Toyota might be years off. Bummer. I wrote to your host Steve(r) and he got right back to me, this is a nice place to summon needed info. Thanks Stever.
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    Being a current 2008 RAV4 Limited owner, I would welcome a Lexus version even if it were only a "badge engineering job," if some of the RAV4 shortcomings were addressed in the process. In my view these are: 1) driver's power seat does not have enough rearward travel (needs two more inches), and it needs a passenger power seat as well, 2) the car is noisy and needs additional sound deadening (especially in the rear passenger area and rear wheel wells), 3) the Limited version needs a Sport Appearance Package Option (shocks, wheels-tires (18" or greater run flats), nose-piece and rear door without spare, etc like the 2009 RAV4 Sport), and 4) it needs a Home Link system. All of these changes are off the shelf, with the exception of the sound deadening, seat tracks and power passenger seat, and Lexus could charge a small premium over the loaded limited...say $2-3K...bring the sticker in at around $33K. Of course any additional upgrades would be appreciated, but I think the ceiling on a Lexus-RAV4 version would be in the range of $33.5K. The three main reasons I bought a RAV over an RX were: 1) sportyness, 2) looks, and 3) price. The sportyness alone would keep it segmented from the RX, and additionally I have heard the next version of the RX will be going bigger...again a different segment. For the Toyota/Lexus types listening...I have made some of these suggestions in an owner survey and no one got back to me in any way...this does not bode well with respect to customer support in my view!
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    Im interested in buying a 2009 Rav 4 Limited, leather, 4 cil, moonroof,heated seats, etc. The dealership price is 38,490.06 including all taxes and fees.
    Somebody please let me know is this is o.k., Im in Ontario. Anybody Know about a dealership with best price? Please HEEEELLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!
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