Ford Ranger Differential Replacement

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I'm replacing the (failed) ford differential in my 1999 Ford Ranger with a Detroit TrueTrac. I'm having a problem fitting the TrueTrac with the ABS exciter (tone) ring. The Truetrac doesn't have a milled notch to accept the tone-ring tab (as the original diff case did). I am thinking to grind a small recess in the diff case housing to accept the tab as its done in the original housing. Does anyone know of a reason why this won't work? Orientation doesn't seem to be relevant, but I could be wrong.

2nd question: Any reason why the original tone ring can't be reused. I seem to remember seeing someplace that it should be replaced, but I'd like to finish this job today (and its the weekend).



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    1998 Ranger 2WD with 142,000 miles. Rear has been whining for past few months. I popped the cover off to change fluid. found the right carrier bearing sloppy. Where can I get information on replacing carrier bearings on this truck. Nothing available in my Chilton or Haynes manuals. I have a dial indicator, so thats not a problem
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