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Auto volume control

trmend1trmend1 Member Posts: 59
edited March 2014 in Honda
Had an opportunity to drive around in an 07CRV recently and noticed that it has the auto volume control depending on the speed of the vehicle. I know the new Camry's have that too. It is a nifty feature! Is that a feature I haven't utilized yet in the Pilot or does it not exist in the Pilot? And if not, why in the world wouldn't they have that feature in all their vehicles? I have an 07 EXL 4WD.



  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    Not yet, but you can expect it on the 2009 Pilot, coming out later this year. The 2008 Accord has it also.
  • bjgw66bjgw66 Member Posts: 16
    The Speed Sensitive Volume Control is in the 06 Ridgeline, 06 Civic, 07 CR-V, 08 Accord, I would be shocked if they didn't add it for 09 with the redesign of the pilot... some of the other cool features for the radio (and steering wheel controls) RDS its Radio Data System, it will display the Radio Name, and/or DJ who is on (if the radio station broadcasts the info) the channel button on the wheel that changes preset stations/track on the CD... on the cars listed above... if you hold the button down (like 2 seconds) it will "scan" for the radio, and "change" the Disc when equipped with 6 CD changers. I would look for those little features too for 09'!!!!
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