Do you think that a Volvo S80 or S60 could go for over a million miles?

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I know it sounds funny, but I am trying to find the best possible used car that I could drive for one million miles. It has always been a dream of mine to have a car that long. I was inspried by Irv Gordon the Guiness book of records guy who drove his Volvo over 2 million miles. So, can it be done in a Volvo s60 or s80? Obviously, with many replacements, and a lot of work, and frequent fluid changes, but do you think the volvo would be the best car to make a run at the mileage mark? Or do you think another car in today's world would have a shot?
List whatever you think.


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    I would say that a newer Volvo would not be a good choice if you were going to shoot for the million-mile mark. See, Irv Gordon set that record in a P1800. Back then, Volvo's were better made, but most importantly, they were far simpler. My parents have a 2004 S60, and I have doubts about it being able to sustain even 200,000 miles. It only has 25,000 now (it has since been retired to a weekend car status when they purchased a Nissan Versa to drive on errands and for my Mom to drive to work), but the S60 has already had the A/C go out and needed an engine mount replaced. I have heard of multitudes of other problems (primarily electronic) with new Volvos because they have a huge array of electronic components ranging from all of the engine management computers to all those nifty gizmos in the interior. An old 240 might make the million-mile mark, but probably not the new S60 or S80 models. I would recommend a Honda Accord or Civic or a Toyota Corolla or Camry because they are plenty of them out there that have cruised right on through the 300,000 mile mark. Any car that is driven that many miles is going to need a lot of things replaced, but if you can keep the powertrain (engine and transmission) top notch through it, you've got it made.

    Happy motoring and best of luck if you decide to go for that million-mile mark!
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    If you have this car to start and say it has 20 miles/gallon mileage and you run 200 miles a day. It will cost you 50000 gallon or $150000 for gas if you can lock price at $3. And you need to drive 200 miles perday every day for 14 years. Why bother :) If you drive 50 miles per day in average it takes half of a century to do that. However, if you really make it by then it's really something to feel yourself and show off to others.
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    Of course it could do 1 million miles. Just like the 75 year old broom :

    "I've had this broom since I was a lad. It's had 20 new heads and 7 new handles and it's still as good as new. They don't make brooms like this anymore; it'll go on forever".

    Apologies. Just an old Brit at the end of a week.
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    I have a 98 S70 which has same engine as S60. Currently at 348.00 mile and only repair other than maintiance was altinator at 245,000.
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    A S80 can make a million miles, but plan on spending a million $$$ to get there.
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    Recently bought an S80 with over 600k on the clock. Having driven this one, I'd be prepared to put money on a Volvo managing over the 1m mark, although without wanting to state the obvious, its a very long way.

    Even with my annual mileage its going to take another 6 years for this car to make it. :)
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