Radio changes stations by itself

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I have a 2005 Highlander Limited with the JBL premium sound system. The radio changes stations by itself. I make sure that when it is happening my hand is not near the steering wheel mounted controls, or that the seek or scan is not engaged. I had it into the dealer 3 times and they can never find anything wrong. It does not happen all the time but when it does it gets so bad you can not use the radio. Has any one out there ever had the same problem?


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    Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem now with my 2002 Camry XLE.
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    I also have that problem on my 2007 Highlander. The station would skip by 10 Mhz while listening to AM radio. Did not try on FM yet. My wife thinks it is happening when it rains. This also needs to be confirmed. Will take the car to Toyota for Warranty evaluation and repair. I do not have the Limited, but this might still be the same radio/6-CD JBL system.
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    Did you ever resolve this problem? Mine is doing the same thing.
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    My '02 Camry did it for a month or more and just as randomly stopped. I speculate that something got wet and when it finally dried the problem went away.
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    Mine originally started on a road trip in New Mexico...nice and dry. It would appear that lots of people have had the problem. I wonder why nobody has posted solutions. Anybody out there that has fixed it?
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    Sequoia radio changing stations on it's own. What could it be? Thinking maybe a loose antenna wire behind the unit?
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    My Highlander does the same thing, usually for a period of about a month at a time. So it's intermittent, but for a long time. It's happened to me at least three times over a period of 4 years. I have been unable to track down any guidance from Toyota or any logical explanations. Good luck! I hope you will let me know if you are more successful than I have been at figuring this out.
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    I was on TIS site Last week. There is a TSB-0085-10 dated March 9, 2010 Titled Abnormal radio Faceplate operation. This TSB applies to 2008-2009 Highlanders with certain vin numbers also some 2007-2009 Camry and some 2006-2010 Rav-4. Sequoia wasn't listed on this TSB. You might ask at the dealer if a TSB covers your problem.
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