2009 Lexus GX Model Change?

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2 dealers gave me 2 different stories:

One, the 2009 GX will make body style changes similiar to the 2008 LX.

Two, no changes in 2009 and phasing the GX out to be replaced with another model in a future year.

I have a 2005 GX coming off lease in a few months, I love it and want a new one but only if body style changing as I don't want the exact same car nor do I want one that will be the "old style" within a year.

Anyone know what is happening with this model?


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    I checked with Lexus online about a week ago (3 different reps). They have not made any announcements yet. I find that usually the dealers don't know any sooner and they typically give me an answer they think I want to hear.

    I would wait as long as possible before making a decision. I have the same fear you do that the 2009 body style will change. If I get any reliable information, I will post it here.
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    I was in my Toyota dealer's the other day and talked to my salesman about the 4-Runner. Since the 4-Runner and GX are "twins" I thought maybe I'd get a hint about what Lexus is up to. He said he "thinks" that Toyota is not going to make any serious changes. So the mystery remains. Toyota keeps its info just about as tightly as Lexus. But I find it hard to believe that Toyota is not going to change. The 4-Runner is --as the car magazines say--"long-in-the-tooth" and is overdue for a change (just like the GX). Let's all keep our ears to the ground and post back here whenever any word leaks out.

    FYI - I had an 03 for 3 years and am 5 months short of 3 years on my 06. If they don't change it, I'll just keep what I have. I don't think I'd trade for a simple addition of keyless ignition and other "come-on's". I just hope they don't discontinue it. I don't want the giant LX, but I definitely want a truck. If they discontinue, I think I'd have no other choice but to downgrade to a 4-Runner when they finally get around to redesigning it.
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    I don't want the giant LX, but I definitely want a truck. If they discontinue, I think I'd have no other choice but to downgrade to a 4-Runner when they finally get around to redesigning it

    LOL THE GIANT LX. I agree with you its so huge I am considering a lexus SUV as well but recentley it seems they are talking to long to bring new redesigned SUVs the RX should really get a redesigned soon GX is still the same and I think they should consider adding a newer SUV to thier line up.
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    I'm glad I'm not crazy ... I've been trying to figure out if there was going to be a new body for 2009. I asked several different dealers and have heard different stories. I heard that Toyota was re-designing the 4-runner for 2009 (current model has been out since 2003) and that the GX would roll the same body again for 2009 and there would be a change for 2010. I also heard from a different dealer that there would be not change planned for a while. i'll keep checking and post when i hear anything. cheers fellow gx owners!
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    Last I read, the new GX will be out in the fall of 2009 as a 2010 model year. No doubt it will be called GX570.
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    Has anyone heard if the 2009 GX470 will get the larger V8 and 6-speed tranny that is used in the 2008 Sequoia?
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    An article on the RX body change seemed to indicate that a "new GX" would not debut at least until late 2010 as a 2011 model. They hinted that it might change to a unibody from the GS model instead of body on frame from the 4Runner. They go so far as to call it a crossover replacing the GX so a name change may be in order. If you like the current body on frame, 4Runner-based GX, you have 2 more model years (2009, 2010) to snap one up.
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    I asked this specific question to our Lexus dealer a few months ago and was told that the 2009 will be the same body style, and then the GX will no longer be made for 2010. I was told that Lexus will instead come out with a new mid-size SUV that is more of a crossover (it won't be called a GX anymore). I also heard talk of a hybrid at this mid-size level.
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    There were be a redesigned Lexus GX470 for 2010.
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    Let me put to rest the answer to this question. The GX will get a redesign this fall and look for it to hit dealerships around November as a 2010 model. It's new look will be similar to the LX 570 - call it a baby LX. It will get the Smart Access Key (the key that you don't have to take out of your pocket - Push Button Start), it will be called the GX 460 and it will get a new rear door. No longer will it swing out to the side it will open "up" (toward the sky). No pics yet but if I find one I'll pass it along. Stay tuned yall!
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    This is great news! I've had my checkbook ready for months. I'd surely like to hear this news from more than one source. I suppose that not too many people are running out and buying SUV's these days, and so aren't looking too much at the SUV forums. Maybe the anti-SUV bias will remain and there will be some good deals come November. Hard to tell in this atmosphere. I've got an awfully nice '06 GX to trade in. Thanks very much and please keep us up-to-date.
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    This is good news, I'm in exactly the same situation. I recently almost purchased a GX 470, but would rather hold off for potential 2010 redesign. Primarily, I don't like the rear door and would like to see it come as it does on the LX.
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    Lastlaflar, where did you get this information on a redesign? How official is it?
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    Yes, please illuminate us seer. Are you lexus upper management? Lexus dealers have said they "just don't know." Maybe Lexus hasn't made a firm decision? Lots of us will buy something else if the suspense continues past June. Oh no!
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    I was in the Lexus dealership yesterday and was told the GX will be redesigned for 2010 to come out later this year. In fact, he offered me an excellent deal on an '09 because of that. I passed as I would prefer to have the new design.
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    Please let me know. I have a 2004 Lexus GX 470 and I am want the hybrid version. my email address is [email protected].
    Do you know what type of gas mileage it will get in the city
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    You may want to have a look at Lexus GX 470: Real World MPG.

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    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    There is no hybrid version of the current GX470 and I doubt there will be a hybrid version of its replacement. If you want a hybrid Lexus SUV, then your choice is limited to the RX hybrid, but overall I think that economics favor the regular RX over the hybrid

    If the rumors are correct and the replacement GX is of similar size as the current GX470 and comes with a 4.6l V8, then gas mileage in the city will be similarly bad, in the 15 mpg range.
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    I went ahead with the LX 570 last month. Traded a 2007 GX. Believe me, the new LX 570 is magnificent!! It is everything Lexus says and more!!! They are now selling the LX less than manufactures list price, although not much. The big V8 really moves this LX. Love it!!!
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    Anybody know when the '10 GX is coming out? Will there be any changes? What? Thanks,
  • dakotaokdakotaok Member Posts: 5
    Dealer told me the new model is coming out December 2009. Looking forward to seeing the new body.
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    Production of the new GX will start in Dec 2009 with arrival in late Dec or early Jan 2010. Don't know if it will be a 2010 or 2011 model. If I were them, I would skip a model year like the RX450h and make it a 2011.
    Only thing that Lexus has confirmed is the 3rd row seat will fold flat into the floor for storage. That makes me wonder where the spare will go, on the back like a RAV4, under the middle of the vehicle like a Sienna?
  • mbdmbd Member Posts: 12
    Thanks. There were 2 things I did not like (and could not accept) about the old GX - (1) the 3rd row seat did not fold flat, and (2) the rear door swung to the side. Now that they will have the 3rd seats out of the way, I hope they also fix the rear door to open up. If so, I shall buy one. If not, I shall have to search elsewhere.
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    My dealer told me the 2010 GX will change to the conventional up-lift tailgate.
  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    "My dealer told me the 2010 GX will change to the conventional up-lift tailgate."

    That would surprise me. The GX has always been based on the Prado, which has a side-hinged tailgate (which is a deal killer for me).
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    I just chatted online with Lexus.com and got this response

    DCur: The 2010 GX will be arriving in dealerships in December.
    DCur: Detailed product information will be available on lexus.com as of November 23rd.
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    Looking for information on the Lexus GX 470 2010. Any information out there?
    When? What will it look like? How much?
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    "The new GX will likely be called the GX 460 and bow in towards the end of the year as a 2010 model, most likely with a debut at the 2009 Los Angeles auto show in November."

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