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Dodge Dakota Stereo/Audio

mitsurobmitsurob Posts: 38
edited May 2014 in Dodge
I just purchased an 06 Mitsu Raider Ext Cab (twin to Dakota) which has the optional Alpine System. This system came with a large subwoofer enclosure box located in the extended cab area. Any Dakota owners out there with this similar option and if so, does anyone know if the enclosure box can be removed without affecting the operation of the remaining speakers? I like the bass, but I would rather have the room in the extended cab area!!
I'm assuming (hoping) this can be "unplugged", but before I start unscrewing things thought I would check for any suggestions.



  • rrgmrgrrgmrg Posts: 1
    Were you successful in removing the sub ? I am about to purchase an 08 and want the steering wheel audio controls but like you, don't want the sub taking up the storage space.


  • spectre317spectre317 Posts: 1
    every time I try to turn up the volume on stereo the radio shorts out then comes back on ... stock stereo w/ cd player in a 02 model dokota slt
  • drviddrvid Posts: 1
    My radio just started intermittently switching between AM and FM on it's own with no obvious reason. Does anybody have any ideas why?
  • Should I slip to tens in under my rear seat in the storage compartment and cut plexi glass over it withut buying the mtx replacement trey.
  • if it isn't a stock deck try pullin it out and hiting the reset button. Idk it might work my friends cd player was switching from cd to fm and that worked.
  • Just bought a used 1995 dakota without any manuals and can't set the radio presets. Can somebody tell me the procedure to do this?
  • Try tuning to a station you like, and then push in the numbered button you want for that station preset, and hold that button in for several seconds. That often works. If not, go to a Dodge dealer and ask someone in the service dept. for help. If it's not a factory stereo, find a local shop that sells that brand. They should be happy to help you.
  • check if you have the right fuse
  • I have a 93 dakota, and the rear speakers work but rarely. Every once in a while when you turn the radio the rear speakers will work, but the next time you turn on the truck they won't work for days at a time. I thought it was the radio but after replacing the radio I still have the same problems. i have checked all fuses and fader settings.
  • larsch8larsch8 Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem with my rear speakers too, actually only one works, sorta. I replaced my radio/cassette player with radio/cd player with no improvement in the speakers. I do know that my 97 Dakota has an internal amplifier for the sound system. I've been assuming that there is a problem with the amp.
    You might be able to go to a audio dealer and have them look up your Dakota in their data bank.
    I'd like to find a replacement amp and try that, so if you hear of anything on that, let me know.
    Thanks and good luck!
  • kegler12kegler12 Posts: 5
    Need to replace the radio in my '95 dakota. How do you remove the old one and anything I need to know as far as replacement,
  • I put in a cd and it displays error with no code it does not seem like the cd is even turning, I tried a cd cleaner no luck I look in th eowner manual and they show codes after the error message but mine does not
  • My 2000 Quad cab basically had no good sound from the factory Infinity system for quite some time. Finally broke down and replaced the 6 1/2 inch door speakers (4 of them) with middle of the road Boston's...everything is perfect now and the cost didn't exceed $250.00 for the 2 pairs of speakers...I didn't want to know that much about my truck and had them installed at $40.00 a pair...worth every penny.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota SLT and all of a sudden I noticed that neither the CD player nor the radio work. The screen will only show the time and says "pause." I am unable to eject or insert a CD.
    The stereo is unresponsive to all buttons. I don't have a manual. Anyone have any ideas on what to do? :confuse:
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