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Pontiac Grand Prix Vibrations

2xracing2xracing Posts: 3
edited December 2018 in Pontiac
I have a 2001 GP GT and when I accelerate I get a vibration in the front end, it is worse if I am turning to the right and accelerating. I am thinking it is the transaxle or a wheel bearing assembly. Any help would be appreciated.


  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    Could be a constant velocity joint as well.
  • I wish I could help but I have the same exact problem in my 02' and checked my CV shafts. Not a bit of play in them. Mine is really bad when I accelerate even a little and turn right. When I turn left and accelerate hard or soft it doesn't shake at all. Just fine when going straight! I'm just going to be like Kevin Harvick in the commercial..."Still not going to turn right are you....Nope!"
  • 2xracing2xracing Posts: 3
    I found out that it is the C/V shafts are bad on mine, lot's of grease around them so after checking them there is a lot of play so I am going to replace them. As for your problem I checked with my brother in law who is a ASE mechanic and he told me on mine that if it wasn't the C/V shafts he would check the tie rod ends to see if there was any play in them, evidentely they tend to get loose over time. Just a suggestion. Good Luck and keep turning LEFT!!!!!!
  • jasonj11jasonj11 Posts: 1
    My 2000 GP GTP sounds like it is doing the exact same thing. I recently took it in to a dealer and he said it needed a "tune-up," well it got tuned up (new plugs, wires, etc.) but it still has the "shakes" when I accelerate b/t 35 and 55 mph. Do you think it is the C/V joints as you said or something different?
  • 2xracing2xracing Posts: 3
    It sure sounds like it. If you look around by the boots if you see a bunch of grease or if the boot is torn then more than likely that is your problem. Also if you jack the front of the car up and grab the wheel and move it back and forth look to see if anything "like the tie rods" are moving because it could also be the tie rod ends are bad. Good Luck!
  • xc800xc800 Posts: 2
    has anyone figured out the vibration when turning right mine does the same thing and i cant figure it out any info would be greatly appretiated
  • xc800xc800 Posts: 2
    has anyone figured out what is causing a bad vibration when turning right under acceleration i have checked everything and cant figure it out i took it to a trans shop and they were'nt sure what it could be any help would be greatly appretiated
  • fatboifatboi Posts: 3
    i have a 01 GP SE i had the same problem what i did is i replaced the engine mount that goes on the passenger side and it cure the problem. if i was you i would check the drive axles too.
  • fatboifatboi Posts: 3
    check the engine mounts and drive axles. my car was doing the same thing. i have a 01 gp se.
  • I got into an accident and my left front wheel hit a curb at about 60 mph. The wheel mount, lower ball, steering boot, anti-sway bar, and the CV axle has been changed. My right side is brand new now. Turning causes no vibrations, when I am speeding up at about 45 I feel a small vibration or shutter and then at 65 mph it starts and at 70 mph very bad vibrations, you have to slow down because it is so bad. Is it my tires or something else?

  • I have an 04,and it does the same thing,cv is good,tie rod is good,strut is good.I get a smal vibration when i turn rigth.Bad wheel,or balance?
  • we have an 02 gp gt with same issues we have replaced the hubs sway bar cv joints and axels one motor mount tires and still no results we have put about 1500 into it and it seems to be getting worse we are going to replace the other botom motor mount next week and we will post if it helps
  • wevuswevus Posts: 3
    2003 Grand Prix SE 3100 automatic, plugs wires less than 6 months old, tranny rebuilt 6k miles, test pipe instead of converter. Sometimes it violently shakes/shutters under acceleration anything above 1/8 of the pedal. There is a squeaking sound coming from passenger side when given slight throttle but stops when I let off the throttle. If I stall it up to 2000 to 2300 in other words launch the car at that rpm range then to full pedal I get no shake through 1st gear. I did this trying to see if it was torque converter related. Some days it never shakes under any kind of acceleration, and might be fine for a month. then it will start doing it again for no known reason. Turn the vehicle off come back an hour later and it runs fine again. Please help.
  • wevuswevus Posts: 3
    Have you replaced the other motor mount yet? If so did that solve your problem?
  • wevuswevus Posts: 3
    Fixed!!!! I replaced the lower engine/trans mount part#2967 at oreilly's less than $70.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Prix GT, when I accelerate between 40 -45 mph front end vibrates bad. So far I've noticed I have a bad wheel bearing, and I also noticed my sway bar is broke on drivers side. Would the broken sway bar cause the bad vibrations?
  • Ken11780Ken11780 NYPosts: 1
    My 2000 GTP vibrated very bad above 30mph when accelerating. If I took my foot off the gas the vibration stopped. I was sure it was the CV joints. My mechanic replaced all of the motor mounts and it's smooth as silk! He showed me the mounts he removed, idk how you could tell they were defective, they looked ok to me. Problem solved!
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