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Nissan Maxima Rattles

awfpackawfpack Member Posts: 13
My parents have a 2004 Maxima. Everytime they hit a small bump there is a bad rattle that sounds like it is coming from the trunk. They have had it into Nissan 3 times and it is still not any better. I checked the spare tire and all that stuff and it was fine. Any ideas.?



  • alexstorealexstore Member Posts: 264
    there is TSB for it from Edmunds site's

    Component Description:
    Bulletin Number: 05114B
    Bulletin Date: MAR 2006
    Vehicle: 2004 Nissan Maxima


    and another one :
    Component Description:
    Bulletin Number: 06018
    Bulletin Date: MAR 2006
    Vehicle: 2004 Nissan Maxima

  • usatruck6usatruck6 Member Posts: 1
    i had the same problem. it was my rear passenger strut mount. so i changed both strut and mount and now i'm good. it was a very bad rattle. good luck
  • bruce46bruce46 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and it was a sway bar link bolt near the right rear tire. The bolt is about 6 inches long. If you have gone over a curb it may have broken. Sounds like it is in the trunk. Car needs to be on lift for mechanic to see it.
  • duckie5duckie5 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Maxima. A couple of months ago, I started to hear and FEEL a kind of rattle that seems to be coming from under the floorboard of the driver's side. It almost sounds/feels like there is a suspension problem, but I got it checked out and it's not. It seems to make the rattle when the car is driven for the first time in the morning or if it has been sitting for several hours. The noise gets worst when I go over the little lane bumps as I change lanes. Any idea what could be causing it? I've taken it to a mechanic 3 times and he can't find it. In fact, he can't even hear/feel it. :confuse:
  • clarence3clarence3 Member Posts: 1
    I, too, have a 1995 Maxima, and have the same noise, (rattle) as described by duckie 5. I cannot find the source and was wondering if duckie5 ever did? Hopefully, someone will post what they found that corrected this.

  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I have a 2010 Maxima SV for about a month now and I can't believe the amount of squeaks/rattles/and noise that comes from a brand new $38k car. I have one rattle/vibration noise coming from the top corner panel of the driver front door where it meets the dash and when I squeeze my hand between the gap in between the driver door and the dash the noise goes away and when I remove my hand it comes back; I have another squeaky/rattle occur when my arm is resting on the center console armrest and I go over bumps and it sounds like the armrest or the plastic hinge/tray below is loose, and there is a third buzzy/vibration coming from the rear passenger side seat area in either the ceiling area/arch going down into the rear window, or in the actual seat itself; I've had the car once into the dealership for all these rattles/squeaks but none have been resolved and they did the usual BS of we didn't hear anything when we drove the car; I wanted to find out if anyone with a 2009 Max or 2010 has had any similar squeaks/rattles with their max's?
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Just like to give an update that I have some good news; of the three squeaks/rattle issues I was having, after taking a rubber mallet and smacking the crap out of those areas, the noises that were coming from the front center armrest and the clicking/vibration coming from the rear right passenger seat/trunk area have seem to have gone away

    in both those places, there must of been a loose piece of plastic or seal not properly done and the mechanical force of the mallet must of smacked it back into place so hopefully they will not give any more trouble

    unfortunately, the rattle/vibration coming from he top corner of the driver front door panel where it meets the dash remains and is still annoying me since it is pretty close the driver while driving so I hear it quite often; of course, when I take the car into Nissan they give me the usual token BS oh we don't hear anything so that way they can call me a liar and don't have to try and work on the problem; I'm going to keep harassing them though and keep bringing it back until they do something about it; I can't stand squeaks/rattles on a brand new 38k automobile

    I think this is a problem with a lot of the new Maxima's because I noticed that consumerreports.org has a new squeaks/rattles category in their reliability charts for each car and the 09-10 Max has a mediocre average rating from them in the squeak/rattle category
    * just off topic a second, what the @*%$ is consumerreports problem in trash talking about the maxima interior with exposed screws showing, mold lines present, etc? I see nothing that they are talking about and how could they rate the altima interior higher than the maxima's?; I mean I like the altima interior but the maxima's is much better looking and feeling the the altima's interior

    Other than this one rattle in the door that remains, all the other issues I had, have been taken care of and I have been able to start really enjoying this vehicle!
  • goru09goru09 Member Posts: 2
    I have 2008 Nissan Maxima SL and from last week getting rattling noise from front passenger window. It is big and loud seems something is loose. I even applied vaseline to window rubbers in a thought might rubber get loosened because of hot weather but still no luck. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  • goru09goru09 Member Posts: 2
  • johnny116johnny116 Member Posts: 1
    I recently had the timing belt and a new water pump installed on my 2004 Maxima. It has driven fine for the last few months but now I am hearing a scrunching or sometimes rattling sound coming from the engine. It has gotten progressively worse but does not rattle when I'm idling or when I reach a speed of 60mph or more. Has anyone experienced a similar issue. I just wonder if it might be related to the earlier repairs. I had a somewhat similar problem last year and the sound wound up being a rattle coming from loose parts on my engine cover. I have checked and replaced all of the pegs but the sound persist.
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