Hyundai Tucson Screw Jack failure

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In a heated garage on a level concrete floor with the brake set and the transmission in park the screw jack of my 2006 Tucson failed. Lucky for me the tire had not yet been removed. The jack twisted and collapsed allowing the car to fall back down. So far the dealer has done nothing except refer me to a corp customer hot line. Do any of you know, is this an isolated event or do they sell defective jacks with these vehicles?


  • lostwrenchlostwrench Member Posts: 288
    Do report this to the NHTSA. Someone may get hurt or killed! It is easy to report on line.
    In the left column of their web site there is a place to click to report defects.
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    I always use a chalk-block and jack stands whenever I jack a car up unless I am stuck on the side of the road and have no other choice. I had a friend's father get crushed as a kid changing oil. Only takes a few extra seconds to ensure safety. That way if the jack falls, you are still covered.
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    Report to all relavent agencies and possibly hire a lawyer do it. It's not about money it's about live. This part should be fault free,
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