Jacking points, 2004 malibu classic

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Help! I want to do my brakes, but where do I jack my car up. I have the old body style, not the new one that was changed in 04. I have a haynes manual but they only give instructions with the little jack to change the tire. I definatly dont want to use that jack any more than absolutly needed. I really, really dont want to jack my car up 4 times. I want to use a standard floor jack. Would I just put a floor jack where I would normally place the tire changing jack? (sorry I dont know what that jack is called.)
Is there a central point where I can lift the whole front end? Or the whole rear? Thanks, any help would be appricated.


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    I have a floor jack. I cut a 5 inch or so piece of 2X4 and put it on the jack pad. I jack it where you are instructed to put the tire change jack. I use the 2X4 on all my unibody cars.
    Have no idea where the other jack points on the classic are. On my 04 Malibu epsilon the jack points are the 4 body jack pads, and the center of rear suspension. I could not jack my rear suspension until I made a adapter, the exhaust is in the way.
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    My 2005 Malibu Classic starter won't engage when it is cold out; however, once warm the car starts fine the rest of the day. The ignition lock cylinder is good. Do I need a new ignition switch, neutral safety switch, or a new starter? Help! Rob L
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    have 04 with 160,000 leaking antifreeze in oil. Is better to put in a new (used) engine with 30,000 or just replace gasket and head if nec.
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