Fuel Line/filter froze?? 04 Grand Am

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I have a 2004 grand am and let it set outside 20 degrees below, i assume fuel is froze up, before this a week ago went to another town and died a couple of times,i get it service when supposed to. I dont know if they put new fuel filter on when they service or not, i am assuming not. I checked that valve on the fuel rail { lines } by the motor with the car off and pushed the needle in and just a little gas came out and quit, should all the gas in the line come out with the pressure or will it only keep coming out if i have the key on and the fuel pump running, i was just thinking more should of come out than did even with key off, only got about a thimble full. Can i check that with the key on and fuel pump running, it should keep squirting out if the lines aint froze, is this correct !! And i did put heat in the gas tan a couple of fills ago !! Any ideas !! Thanks


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    Ok, car set out 20 below wouldnt start, so i change the fuel filter and now it starts BUT !!! idles real ruff, but when i step on the gas and hold it at a higher rpm, its sounds fine, but at an idle it is really ruff. The SERVICE ENGINE SOON light is now on, the one in the left cluster of the dash, not the one in the right cluster. On the 2004 grand am there are two service engine soon warning lights !! I put some heat in the tank {while it set in my garage for a couple of days before it started} and then changed the fuel filter and it started but ruff. So then i put some injection cleaner in it but still ruff after running it a while { an hour or so } 2004 grand am se 4cylinder...any ideas !!! Thanks Jeff
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    I had a similar problem it was -32* Celceius got the car started the next day,
    I was told the catalitc converter was plugged , but when i went to the muffler place I was told that my Ignition coil pack was toast. They replaced it and it runs great now but now i have to replace the O2 sensor. I hope this might help.
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