Help! GS-R Sedan Trunk Leaking!

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I just got a '94 GS-R Sedan and drove it in some
really torrential rain and through some deep
puddles at speeds high enough to throw up 6 foot

I checked the spare tire compartment and found
water pooled in the low spots.

I removed the inside trunk liner on the right
side. The water seems to be coming from the upper
right area right around/ below the right rear
passenger seatbelt tensioner/roll. I say this
because there is a very small puddle right about
below this item.

Does anyone have a good idea where this water is
coming from? Anyone have similar experiences?
How much did it cost to fix?

Please help and many thanks.


  • joeg26erjoeg26er Member Posts: 10
    I checked the trunk seal and I don't think this is where the water is coming from.
    I can feel wetness around the shock/strut (?) mount end is visible in the floor of the trunk.
    Also a little puddle of wetness just about right below the rear/right passenger seat belt tensioner/roll.

    Thanks for any help given.
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    I hope this solved the problem.
    Using some of the tips found on this excellent website and some info from a body shop, I was able to pinpoint the leak to the right rear tail light gasket!

    I used a liquid gasket made by Loctite that I had leftover from fixing my Accord's left tail light gasket (!). Only a couple bucks!

    Hope this will be of help to someone else as well.
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    Glad you figured it out joeg26er, and thanks for letting us know. If it turns out this didn't fix it, come on back and talk to us some more.

    We have another topic on Water Leaks that would be a good place to talk more about this, but I hope you have no more need for it! :-)

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  • joeg26erjoeg26er Member Posts: 10
    I fixed the leak but now the tail light has water droplets and moisture inside the plastic outer covering.

    Anyone know a sure way to get rid of this before it becomes scummy or mildewed?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I got into this with an older Integra where the tailight was filling with water somehow. I did a couple things. I took the smallest drill bit that I had (thinner than a pencil lead) and drilled a tiny hole in the bottom of the lense where it couldn't be seen to let water leak out I took a windex bottle and removed the spray cap and stuck the tube down into the taillight through the hole where the bulb is inserted. I used it as a pump to pump out the water inside. After I got out as much as I could, I used an electric hair drier to blow warm air into the tail light to finish drying it. Hope this all is applicable to your situation - sounds like it might not be, but perhaps it'll get you started.
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