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Rear Entertainment option or Aftermarket better?

gingrichgingrich Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Buick
I have heard the having the rear dvd as an option does not allow the driver to listen to music when dvd player is on, even if the headphones are being used. Is this true current owners & what is better- factory installed or aftermarket? Are there any headrest systems available that are the kind you can just swap out headrests? Thanks


  • THe dealer told me you can listen to music as in XM or radio, but the sole slot available is for A DVD or A CD . Just say the elastic the headrest at Walmart for under $250 and they looked nice, not tacky.
  • rupaularupaula Posts: 1
    Yes, we just purchased our 2008 C XL Enclave without the built in DVD player, and decided to look at other options. We priced out the DVD player that drops down from the ceiling, however; the total cost comes out to about $1,000.00. Not to mention, they have to remove your head liner, do some cutting and mounting to your roof, and no telling how that will turn out. Now if you choose the drop down DVD player, you loose the view from your rear view mirror and use of your radio too.
    One day we stopped by Auto Zone to pick up some clear floor mats, and the salesman showed us his portable DVD system he purchase for his kids from Walmart. To say the least were were impressed, the DVD system has two separate screens that have an elastic strap and a velcro strap to attach to the head rest, and you can choose to play one movie for the riders in the back or disconnect the coaxial cables from one side and they can watch two separated DVD's As the driver, you do not loose your radio to the DVD system, you can still hear it from the front and your riders can enjoy what ever they want. I will suggest if you do not want the cords hanging down, simply tuck them into the seam of the seat where the plastic goes around and make sure that you use the cord that has the cigarette charger that connects to the two screens it comes with. Also for attaching the straps to the head rests I suggest that you pull the head rest all the way up, and then wrap the velcro strap around the metal poles of the headrest ,tighten them securely and then bring the headrests to be flush with the seat. No one will be none the wiser, and they look great not tacky ! You can find them in the Auto motive section, with the radios at Walmart. Not the section where you find the TV's The great thing about this system is that it cost us under $250, and we did not risk having ametures cut into our leather seat headrests or our head liner. I hope this helps you in your decision. ;)
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