Chevy Cavalier Fuel System Problems

kim25kim25 Member Posts: 2
I bought this car a few months ago, since then it has started idling rough at times. Occasionally when I come to a stop it almost feels as if the car is lungeing (sorry if I mispelled it) while I've got the brake on. Other times it will just idle really rough and sometimes die on me when I come to a stop. The engine light comes on and goes off ever few days and when I had it checked it's showing a misfire. I've had the plugs changed, had injector cleaner run through it, and am considering having new fuel injector put on. Any suggestions?? I hate spending a couple hundred dollars on an injector and not knowing if this is the problem. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks


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    I have the exact same problem. My local chevrolet dealership said they couldn't figure it out and sent me away with a 160 dollar bill. I would like to know if anyone knows anything as well.
  • kim25kim25 Member Posts: 2
    The Chevrolet dealership did the exact same thing to me. Every mechanic I take it to is unsure of what it is and then they start guessing what it might be. I just can't afford replacing hundred dollar parts not knowing for sure if it would help. One mechanic assured me that it needed a new coil ($200 parts/labor), so I had it replaced just hoping it might fix it... it didn't help the running part one bit, but the check engine light hasn't come on anymore?? I had heard that these were good, economical cars, but from my experience they aren't worth a crap. Apparently I have bought a lemon--just my luck!
    Anyone needing to buy a cavalier for a good price :) :lemon:
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    You said that you had the plugs changed. How about the plug wires? They are not all that difficult to change and if you change one at a time it is impossible to connect the new one to the wrong location. A bad plug wire can certainly cause a misfire. I'm surprised that no one suggested this when you had new plugs put in or the coil replaced.

    A quality set of wires isn't too expensive, compared to what you've spent already. Don't pay a dealer or shop to do this at the rate of $80-$100/hr. Get a friend to help you with it for free. Don't forget to add a small dab of dielectric grease in the boots to make the wires easier to remove the next time.

    Also, I'd recommend putting a can of gas additive into the tank to remove any water that might be causing problems.
  • sxybldmansxybldman Member Posts: 2
    Daughter just bought a 1999 cavalier 2dr coupe got in car fuel level guage read full drove to work today on the way home ran out of gas put gas in car it started but guage still reads full only put 3 gallons in does she need a new fuel pump or could it be something else. Please help
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    Just the sender unit most likely.
  • sxybldmansxybldman Member Posts: 2
  • sparky2888sparky2888 Member Posts: 1
    Check with the previous owners and see if they replaced the instrument cluster in the car. The 99 has a different sending unit than all other year cavaliers and if it was replaced or the sending unit was replaced this could be your problem. I ran into the same problem with my 99 when I tried to replace the cluster for a cluster with a tach out of a different year cavalier.
  • fisherofmenfisherofmen Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 cavalier that I bought new. it has about 215,000 miles on the clock and still runs good. The engine has started to miss from time to time going down the road. I have taken it to a mechanic whom I think I can trust but he tells me that he scans it for trouble codes but nothing comes up. Has anyone had the same trouble and got it fixed? I would like to keep my cavalier for many more miles
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    Has it had regular tuneups? How old are some of the components such as plug wires, plugs, ignition coil, PCV valve and fuel filter?
  • megandran07megandran07 Member Posts: 1
    My 05 Cavi did this up until yesterday, been doing it about a week. Spark plugs, coil boots(wires), Lucas injector treatment and running around a little bit cleared it up, isnt doing it anymore.
  • makmakimakmaki Member Posts: 1
    car cold starts first time every time, runs well at highway speeds. when warm and going below 30 mph car will stahl. wont start again until engine cold. when ignition is on, fuel pump isnt priming., when I start cold starts up just fine. When I am going highways speeds, there are no ussue, car runs fine
  • arenburgarenburg Member Posts: 10
    this could be the cps sensors it doesn't always trip the engine light and does not always show on a scan.
  • dariklujandariklujan Member Posts: 1
    no fuel is reaching to the injector but the filter is not clogged and it will turn over the first attempt but die after 1.5 seconds like it ran out of gas again but i have gas in the tank and after that first attempt it wont turn over anymore i have been told there is a sensor in the fuel pump that mite be out and ive been told that there could be a fail safe that disengages it if oil pressure is to high and i got told it was a bad fuel injector, i jus need proffesinal advice right now i have the positive disconected from the battery for 30 mins to reset is what i was suggested to attempt do you have any advice or information for me please?
  • xmeisterxmeister Member Posts: 1
    At wits end.... A friend of mine bought a 2003 cavi about 4 months ago, car ran good up until a few weeks ago. Then on a trip to Ohio the Check engine light came on and stayed on but otherwise seemed to run OK, She was worried to keep driving the car that way so we went to autozone and had it checked out......the guy said it was "possible" the "Mass air flow sensor" was dirty, turns out there is no such sensor on the cavalier. Long story short, the car developed an acceleration problem, went to another place and paid $70.00 for a diognoses, they said it was the fuel pressure regulator, another $120.00 parts and labor. Ran fine and no light for about a week, then same problems, took it back and they told us that from the regulator being bad problably ruined the O2 sensor (not which one) wanted another $130.00. I decided to change it myself but when we left there the "light" was out..... Idles fine but don't want to take gas right away on acceleration (bogs down)......can anyone tell me whats going on here ? PLEASE !
  • philltersphillters Member Posts: 1
    I have a 04 cavalier that was running fine. It has 134000+ on it currently. I was driving a long and made a left turn and car started to bogs. Pulled over and shut car off, but then it restarted but was running ruff and then it died. tried starting car and it seem that it wanted to start but just couldn't. If I wait about 3 minutes, it will start, but die again after 2 seconds and then won't start again until I wait about 5 mins, but then dies and on and on. Same thing again. I know there's gas in the car, I keep my tank full, and I just filled it yesterday and only ran around about a little over 100 miles since then. Anyone have this problem lately and get it repaired? Don't want to be taken for a ride and spend hundreds trying to have it figured out. Thanks for any help that can be offered.
  • yoruichi715yoruichi715 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier, Now a month ago it started making a mild clicking noise somewhere around the spark plug section of the engine... Now we, knew that it might have been linked to getting the oil change, but life came at us fast and didn't get a chance to before this happened. so last tuesday after putting gas in and going to the store right across the street. My fiance' had mentioned how when he had to pretty much floor it get any pressure and momentum... so we stopped at the nearest auto parts store and after talking with a son of mechanic and their people... it devised we can try to take a look at spark plugs. and of course they definitely needed to be changed. changed all of them (the clicking noise still persisted but not louder or anything) So he decided to drive it around the store to make sure it was fixed... The car just stopped and now anytime we attempt to start the car it will start to crank but won't turn over... we decided to try to do the oil to eliminate some of the issues but the bolt is so rounded down we would need special equipment to get it off... now we're stuck with an immobile car and a vague clue to what the problem may be... I have been hearing fuel jector or fuel pump issue. Is any suggestions to help troubleshoot so we can fix this issue? Thanks
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