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2007 Outlander Questions (tint, windshield, etc.)

jmprdvajmprdva Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
I'm looking at a 2007 leftover Outlander LS. Hoping to pay 22 to 23,000 for nav/sun/sound before all taxes/etc. Also looking at an Impreza though (any thoughts?) so doing a bit of homework. I have the bases covered but have two questions - one that would affect the purchase and one that would be post-purchase.

I've read things about the slant of the windshield - is this really a factor? I get carsick easily (even while driving) especially in my grandparents' Intrepid and while I didn't notice this while test driving (I was paying more attention to performance on snow/ice and in traffic) I am a little concerned. Is anything about the windshield annoying to anyone? Semi-related - I didn't notice, but does it have a rear wiper?

My second question regards the tint. Does anyone happen to know the % of the window tint that comes on the vehicle? I know there are varying legal limits but this is not an issue for me. I need to have the front windows tinted at least 20% if not 15% or even a bit lower - and I don't really want them darker than the rest of the vehicle. Is it possible to tint over existing tint? This would also be more expensive, so I was just wondering if anyone had a spec on this. I was a few pages deep in Google so thought it would be easiest to ask!

Finally, if anyone has any general comments or concerns to help me make a decision, that'd be great! Thanks.


  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    I would think your price range sounds about right, but I haven't looked at one lately. I haven't heard anything about windshield angle, maybe someone else can comment.

    There is a rear wiper, some have complained that the rear washer kind of dribbles the fluid down the window (my wife just said something the other day,) but it does clean the window. The tint seems to be the standard that is used in most SUV's.

    I've had my LS 4wd with Sun and Sound for about 9 months and really like it.

    Are you looking at an '08 Impreza? The Subaru dealer by me was adding things like spoilers, pinstripes, etc. and charging over sticker.

    The only thing about Mitsubishi is they seem to depreciate pretty much. I plan on keeping mine for a while, so not a big deal. The Endeavor has a $4000 rebate if you want something a little bigger!
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  • pitt4pitt4 Posts: 20
    The tint on rear windows is standard, 35%, which is the legal limit for tinting in most states. I don't think you can tint "over" tint but not 100% sure about that. The crux would be matching it with the front windows when installed. Does 35% plus 35% give you 20% (or 15%) to match the front? I suppose at that darkness, any difference would be negligible.
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