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Toyota Land Cruiser Leaks

elliemelliem Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have an 03 LC with 50k miles-after heavy rain, the front passenger floorboard is sopping wet. Also, the check engine light, and other various electrical icons turn on, and the "P" illuminates while in Drive! Sometimes, the P,R and D all are lit up! Once the car dries out, all lights go away. My dealer told me to replace the windshield, which I have done-twice, but it is still occuring. Also, when the car is in this wet existence, the doors continually "auto lock" every few minutes because the car thinks it is in park, but then must realize it is in drive.

Any ideas?


  • scoobmanscoobman Member Posts: 4
    I can only suggest what I found out about my Lemon Jeep Commander---I am buying a new Land Cruiser by the way so you are freaking me out. In the jeep sunroof, and I suppose in most every SUV sunroof, the seals don't keep out high pressure water (like a car wash) and have a water management system that takes the water that gets in through the seals, routs it through drain tubes that go down your pillars and out of the vehicle. If these tubes are plugged or (in the case of the jeep design) inadequate to drain the water it runs down inside the pillars. Mine drained down to the inside of the driver pillar and soaked the carpet, and corroded some of the electronic clusters. I am suing Chrysler for this and we expect to give the care back for a refund. I would check out the sunroof, the seals and drain tubes if you have them. Good luck.
  • elliemelliem Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your time. I hope you make out better with the LC, than you did the Jeep. Other than this issue, I absolutely love this truck. It rides like a sedan, and aside from the so so mpg, (which is to be expected at $3.29 a gallon!), I have no complaints!!
    I have seen another post on this site that related to the rocker panels, which sounds similar to the situation you described. Either way, I am going to the dealer tomorrow, having a water test and having them check the sunroof and the doors. I will report back what I find out.

    I have the extended warranty when I bought it pre-owned and certified, so I am hoping that everything will be covered. I am even going to fight them to replace all the carpet on the floor and steam clean the entire care for MOLD.
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