Mazda CX-7 Blue light

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What for is the little blue light next to the map lights on the CX-7 & CX-9? I tried looking it up on the manuals but couldn't find any reference to it.



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    It is used to illuminate the area around the gear shifter.
    In most BMW, it is an orange LED. Same location.
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    Thanks. I don't think it illuminates the area all that well. I used to have a BMW 740i and it had the two orange LED lights, but these really lit up good. By the way, I just did the math on MPGs for my CX-7 & CX-9, and I only got 17.5 MPG on the CX-7 and 15 MPG on the CX-9 for this past week (Sunday to Sunday top-off fill-ups). It sucks but we also had tons of snow and very slow traffic in Chicago this week. My CX-9 is using as much gas as the 2002 Dodge Durango SLT+ 4x4 (4.7L, V8 Hemi) that I traded in for it. My 740i (4.4L, V8) used to give me better gas mileage than the CX-7 is giving me. Oh well, such is life.

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    Is actually a Mazda mind control light.

    Along with the blue illumination, it transmits "zoom zoom" in some psychic manner.

    At least, that's what I tell my kids :-).
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