Chevrolet Corvette Swaybar Problem

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I drive a 2007 Corvette convertible which just rolled over to 13k miles. I am having continuing issues with what my service rep (who is a friend) calls the 'sway bars'. I put it in the shop months ago for a rattling type noise that I thought was then coming from the driver side front end. At that time they felt the noise was from the rear 'sway bar'. During that service visit they replaced the rear differential fluid with a newer 'whale oil' fluid and claimed give it about 800 miles to work the popping noise out. Well months later and I still hear the rattling noise in the driver side front and now the rear end is popping again. I just took it in again and went for a drive with my service rep who now does hear the front rattle and rear popping again. It's going back in the shop next week for them to check the sway bars out to see if they are possibly wearing down (which they shouldn't be). I asked what can be done and even though the sway bars can be replaced, Chevrolet doesn't recommend it. At this point, I'm truly concerned as it only has 13k miles on it. Has anybody had an issue like this?? Would you recommend keeping or ditching the car for another 2007, which is an option for me.


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    smariel -

    I have a 2007 Z06 and had the same rear popping sound. Standard fix is the rear differential fluid which did not work for me. The problem is with the rear linkages. I had these replaced under warranty and the popping sound is gone.

    Try that and let me know.

    - John ([email protected])
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    Hello. Would you believe I just had my 2007 vette in the shop again for this exact same problem. You are correct, the problem is with the linkages. Actually on this service visit the technician replaced both front stabilizer links and the front stabilizer insulator. As my service rep described this repair visit... I have all new 2009 parts now for the linkages, sway bars, you name it, it's new. From what I understand this is more of a problem with the convertibles than the coupes. Hope your Z06 is doing well and you haven't had to go through a second fix like me. I hope this is the last time I have to have this particular repair done. Twice in a little over a year is ridiculous!
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    I Have a 2007 Coupe. Popping sound from the rear During Shifting and Backing Out while turning, Taking it in to be repaired .Have Zurich Bumper to Bumper Warranty has anybody used Zurich before and what should I expect
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    I don't know about the 'when shifting' noise.

    But a normal noise can be heard in many Corvette when turning sharply. Because the tires are so wide, they actually skid when sharply turned at low speed. You can hear and 'feel' this as a 'judder' type sound.

    Also, you might have a slight noise from the limited slip differential while turning. This might be more of the 'popping' should, while the tire skip is a shudder type sound. (The diff pop is usually from the rear, while the tire slippage noise is usually from the front.) The differential problem might be solved by just taking the car to an open parking lot and driving in figure 8's for several loops. The clutches in the diff become somewhat 'dry' and they will pop when turned sharply. Making the figure 8's will force the clutchs to open up and get lub into them again.

    If your 2007 has the orginial rear differential lub in it, there has been at least one, maybe two, updates to this diff fluid, in a effort to solve this noise problem. If your car is still within the 5year/100,000 driveline warranty, a dealer might change out the fluid for the newer fluid for no charge. In any case, this fluid change should not be too expensive. And, the standard procedure is for the shop to drive the car in figure 8's after the lub change, to work the new fluid into the clutches....

    I run my 2007 in the figure 8 process about once a year. I have a little noise when first backing out and turning into the street, but not much.
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    Thanks to all responded to My problem,I will Differently Take your advice
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