LR2 Ski Rack Whistling (Whistle, wind noise)

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The solution is to install the rubber gasket into the channel on top of each cross bar. Back in December I bought the roof rails, cross bars, and ski racks for my LR2. I had the dealer install the roof rails as it took a bit of work, so they also installed the cross bars and ski racks at the same time. Within a day I realized that the ski racks made a very loud whistling sound at speeds above 15 mph. When I say loud, I mean really loud. I kind of experimented to see if I could get rid of it but nothing worked. Looking for answers on the internet I found very little. There were recommendations to turn up the radio or buy a "fairing" from Yakima. I also noticed that the dealer had left the two rubber gaskets in my car. They removed them from the cross bars in order to slide the ski rack bolts into the channel.

So I made an educated guess. I surmized that the whistling or wind noise was coming from the cross bar channels. So I disassembled the entire ski rack and measured the distance between the two bolts on the ski rack itself. (I think 26 & 3/8 inches). I then measured this distance centered on the rubber gasket and then punctured holes thru the gasket and then twisted the ski rack bolts in from the bottom. ( I had to shape the rubber gasket a little underneath so everything was flush... use an exacto or other sharp knife.) I then slid the bolts back into the channel with the rubber gasket attached and pushed the rubber gasket into the channel to lock it in. Reassembled the ski rack and Voila! No more whistling! I am so relieved. I made two trips up to Lake Tahoe with that darn thing whistling all the way. Almost drove me crazy!


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    Got any photos? I've looked at a lot of canoe racks but I'm having trouble picturing this gasket for your ski rack. Is this a thin one that runs the entire length of the tubes on the top? Maybe T shaped? For those owners who don't have the gasket, do you think some duck tape covering the channel would work?

    Maybe you can write up a CarSpace Guide about it?

    Your CarSpace page has an album link for easy pic posting btw.

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    OK--- Yes. I have uploaded the photos here:

    Duct tape could possibly work as well.
    Hope this helps
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    Perfect - thanks!

    I'd say your dealer screwed up the original install. Nice work figuring it out.
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