Older Chevy and GMC (20+ years) C/K Series Engines

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Hello. New Here. Gary's the name. My Pleasure.

I have a beautiful red and white stock 78 CHeyenne CK Camper spcl ww/ 3504blt &350Trans I found on ebay motors w/ 530 original miles when I bought it in Sept. Yea- I know. huh?! It is amazing for its age right down to the brand new bias plys.

I also have a *very fast* 78 Silverado single cab rblt 454(30K) dually camper spl that since moving it to the coast has become a rusty mess but the previous owner spent major some huge money on..

alcoas, step railing w lights, cab top lights, tailgate lights, Jacobs ign. electronics, Gear Vendors overdrive, put in a beaut '93 cloth split seat, all extra gauges, trans cooler, custom grill, class III hitch.. you name it.

There are many interchangeable things I will put on the 78 but I have some questions about the ignition system.

<><>>As the 87 is fuel inj and has electronic (first yr?) distributor, will the Jacobs system come across? I know that it would if it was electronic ignition on both. But it is not. Can I pic a brain or two here ? Thank you.

<><><Also will the gear vendor overdrive come over with out major expense? Wheel base and motor size questions come to mind.

Overall wanting to decide whether to just put this up on ebaymotors. Would be a haul for the price it will fetch due to the body rust.

Apprec. any help


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    -I have a 1992 6.5 that is blowing smoke out through the turbo, like popeye smoking his pipe through the filler tube and it tryto push the dip stick out. the oil is gurgling at the dipstick but does not come out on the engine. the engine is not making any noise other than the normal 6.5 's. I would like a response as to what may be the problem. Thanks
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    my 6.5 somkes through the turbo and pushes the dip stick up where it gurles oil but does not run out of the tube, and if i remove the filler cap it puffs like popeye's pipe is smoking. There is no strange sound in the enwhen it's running.
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    i took out 305 & installed a 350. i am using the carb from the 350 old rodchester.when the truck is up to temp and in gear driving down the road,it will stumble. i can force it to keep running.come to a stop and it dies,it will start back up but with same stumble and same stall.do i have a vacuum line in wrong spot?
    or is the fuel return clogged?it idles fine,in park.
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    i have a 93 chevy with a 5.7 in it and i just replaced the intake and valve cover gaskets. now its missing when i pull up to a stop light and almost wants to die,i can watch the rpm gauge purge up and down. when i pull away from the light it runs like crap then goes away and runs desent.i checked the timing and it was good.it also bogs down when backing up almost dies again. anyone have any ideas?it also idles fine in park
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    I have a 94 Chevy 2500 with a 350 engine throttle body injection. The truck starts fine in AM, drive 4 to 6 miles engine dies, spray starting fluid in air cleaner, engine runs another 4 to 6 miles or if you turn off ignition after driving, engine will crank freely but will not start, spray starting fluid and it starts right away and will run smoothly for awhile, then die again. Changed fuel filter, changed pressure regulator at throttle body, fuel pump was changed about a year ago. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas what to check next?
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    i have a 82 chev threequarter ton front clip and i would like to put it on a 69 frame will it fit? eny info wood be great
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    i have a '97 silveado 2500, my fuel pump was acting up so i replaced it,i can get it started but then out of no where the pump goes out on me agin. then the next day it starts right up like nothing is wrong. any help would be great,thanks
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