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Audi A4,Subaru Legacy and Dodge charger comparing

attbootsattboots Member Posts: 6
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I am looking at leasing a either an Audi A4 2.0T quattro, a Subaru Legacy GT or a Dodge Charger AWD (SXT or RT) all 2008's and I would like to know which is the better car. The monthly payments are about the same and the insurance is about the same so it a matter or the best car. All have the same options I want and color. They rate excellent in Consumer reports and for accidents. My mechanic says to stay away from the Audi. Any advice?


  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Wow, those three cars are all over the map. Relative to your choice, a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

    1) Is fuel economy important to you?
    2) Is a usable back seat important to you?
    3) Which is more important, nimble handling or straight line accleration?
    4) Is a manual transmission important to you?

    Best Regards,
  • attbootsattboots Member Posts: 6
    I am comparing them based on all wheel drive. I am not looking for a truck or suv and I don't want a BMW or Benz. These 3 cars are very comfortable and each have the same amount of room for what I need. Fuel is about the same as the Audi and Subaru both have turbo 4 cyl engine with a manual. The Dodge is a 6 with an automatic (Might look at the Rt with the Hemi but the main one is a 6 cyl.)

    I want to be able to drive in bad weather, in the snow on the road. If I am at work and it snows I want to be able to get home. If I am parked on the street I want to be able to get out of the spot after it snows and after they plow.
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    "These 3 cars are very comfortable and each have the same amount of room for what I need."

    I take it you don't need to tote normal sized adults around in the back seat then.

    Have you actually gotten into the rear seat of an A4 (with the front seat set for a driver of normal size)? Geez, I'm only 5'8" and I cannot climb into the back of an A4 (with the front seat set for me) without scuffing my knees against the front seat. In fact, I find the rear seating of the A4 even tighter than the "smaller" A3 (probably why Audi doesn't publish rear seat specs for the A3).

    "Fuel is about the same as the Audi and Subaru both have turbo 4 cyl engine with a manual."

    Ummm, to say that highly skeptical regarding your comments about the fuel costs being similar across your three candidates is putting it mildly. I'd lay odds that the Audi will best the other by as much as 10 mpg on the highway and an easy 5 mpg in urban environments. And if you opt for a Hemi R/T (fun car by the way), expect mileage to rarely crack the 20 mpg barrier unless you're on a long trip.

    From where I sit, if you need good mileage and don't care too much about the back seat, get the Audi. If you need a human sized rear seat and don't care about either a stick shift or fuel economy, get the Charger. The compromise car in all cases will be the Subaru which splits the other two both in terms of seating space and mileage, and can be had with a manual transmission as well.

    Best Regards,
  • attbootsattboots Member Posts: 6
    Shipo, thanks for the replies.

    I live in NYC, I am looking to replace a 02 Jetta. There is nothing wrong with it right now but I would like a new car. I have had 4x4 suv's before and I want an all wheel drive car. I like the 3 cars listed. I am wondering which one is better as far as problems. I am not worried about gas milage and things like that, just which would be more of a problem. Each car has all wheel drive, Subaru and Audi are known for it. I am not looking to go off road just to be able to drive on the street if it snows and get my car out of a parking spot. Each car has about the same amount of room inside and for the back passengers. The Charger while bigger has less head room in back than the others. I am looking at a lease and prices are better per month on the Audi. I want to make sure the car (all of them) is reliable and won't be in the garage more than I drive it.

    I like the looks of the Charger more but the Subaru and Audi offer a stick. Gas milage is about the same for all 3 (Charger with the 6 cyl) I have driven all but the Charger and there is no wow factor here, The goal is transportation with Safety and to be reliable.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    I'm sort of in the same boat wrt AWD comparos, but slightly different: it's the A4 Avant, the Subaru Outback XT and the Toyota RAV4 V6.

    The Audi has a nice interior and seems to have the best cachet of the 3. Back seat room is not critical (the Outback is almost as cramped as the Audi). Unfortunately there is only one Audi dealer for 150 miles in any direction where I live, and their reputation's mixed.

    I also wonder, given the '09 being a total redesign, if it's better to just wait until that model comes out? Our bad weather's almost done for the year and it doesn't make sense to take a depreciation hit early.
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