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I have recently purchased the 2008 Sequoia in the platinum trim and am in the process of trying to figure everthing out and program the various functions.
Currently I have been attempting to bring up the "voice command" list for the navigation and radio funtions without success.
I have followed the process shown in the owners manual using the help button but only get a reference to use the help funtion for the list which, of course, is where I went in the first place.
Does anyone know how to pull this list up or where I might fing the lisy elsewhere?
Lot's of fun playing with all these bells and whistles, never had an automobile with so many before.


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    I pick my 08 platinum ip tomorrow morning and will play with this then. I will reply to you tomorrow night.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    OK, I found this,

    Go To;
    content categories/
    knowledge base/
    Toyota Voice Activated Systems.

    Pretty good article.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    We have a 2008 Toyota Sequoia and are finding that our navigation system gets lost quite often when we deviate from the main roadways.
    Our question is, how do you get your GPS to calibrate back to your actual position once you do get back on a main highway/interstate?
  • vernschillingevernschillinge Member Posts: 66
    It should be automatic. Don't think there is any calibration. The NAV uses a combination of global position triangulation via overhead satellites, in conjuction with wheel speed and gyro sensors on board.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    Well ours gets lost and the only way I can get it back is to take the car to a known address and manualy take the nav there, orien the car to that known location and then re-calibrate the nav through the set up menue.
    Of course this won't work if you don't know your exact location to start with.
    In reading the manual, I was also under the impresion that the nave would re-calibrate it's self if you were to turn it off and then back on.
    But once ours gets lost it stays lost untill I manualy re-calibrate it as mentioned above.
    Do you think our nav is defective or have I missed something that should have been programed?
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    rtribble....Do you live in a mountainous area or large city where sat reception might be poor? This could result in the Nav not being able to position itself if it doesn't have clear "sight" to at least 3 satellites. I've not had any issue with the accuracy of the unit in my 08 Sequoia and have actually been somewhat pleased with the nav unit overall and more then I was expecting based on my experience with my Avalon Nav unit.

    Of course, I'm mostly satisfied with the unit because I added Wilee's aftermarket Nav Pulse Generator which allows me to add destinations and use the phone book for BT calls without having to stop the vehicle. If it wasn't for this device I would have probably wanted to throw the Nav unit out the window by now. With this neat device I actually like the new Nav unit in the 08 Sequoia. Not as much as my Garmin, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

    Here's a link to the Nav Pulse Generator
    With just a little competence in making wire connections it was actually a rather easy install.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    We live in Oklahoma. As long as I stay on the main roadways ours works pretty good, but if you get off and drive around on lesser roads or large parking lots it will get lost pretty easy. It will self correct for small deviations but if it gets turned around or off by very much you have to stop and manually bring it back where it's tracking right on the map.
    I you get too far off it will not self correct it's self but will continue to get further off track.
    Reading the manual I believe that It is supposed to allow you to manually instruct it to re-calibrate it's self to your current position and it is supposed to automatically do this after you hit the icon on the screen. I've done this after taking the car home and orienting the car to the "home" destination and it works fine. I've not yet tried to do this while the car is not home and still lost somewhere on the map. I'll have to try this and see if it will work. But even if it does work it is still a pain in the butt to have to stop the car and go through all that when I thought the car was supposed to do this automatically.
    I've down loaded the pulse generator installation earlier but it loks pretty involved, especialy for someone who doesn't even know how to work the nav system yet, but mabe latter after I have learned more about it all.
    Thanks hdfatboy.
  • joelkleinjoelklein Member Posts: 3
    I have the SR-5 W/JBL system

    is it any way I can replace me current factory radio with a Factory Nav.?

    as of now I'm NOT happy with my pioneer Avic Z1
    because a number of issues;
    1) unable to tap in into the speed sense wire
    2)using the module to interface the factory harness results in a non balanced Speaker amplification. in other words: when the Volume is on 7 its blasting and 3 is almost quiet...

    any ideas?
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    You may want to look at some of the discussion in Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications.

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    I'm going to replace the JBL with factory nav this week. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • a8silvera8silver Member Posts: 24
    I found instructions - these are quite good.

    link title
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Great! Let us know how it works.

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  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    This is an update to my earlier posts on this suject back in 2008.
    Our nav system continues to get lost almost evertime we go somewhere. It does seem to work better in the main cities but still will end up lost eventually.
    Recently it has taken to "jumping" off our actual position while driving down a main highway with no other roadways near where our current position was at the time and once it "jumped" off our position while sitting stoped at a red light.
    The thing just seems to have a mind of it's own and goes off in never-never land anytime it feels like it.
    As it is, it is completly ussless and we cannot depend on it.
    Other than the sorry nave system, we do love our Sequoia.
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    GPS systems do not have to be 'calibrated' and they do not get 'lost' unless the antenna is blocked. They navigate by satellites overhead, and it is very seldom you have to do anything. If you are following a planned route and the GPS misses a turn or directs you down a non-existent road, the unit is not 'lost', it just doesnt have the road on its map base, or the map is out dated. However the GPS knows where it is located - it doesnt know where the road is, thats all. This happens because there is a 2-3 year lag on map updates.

    Also, GPS units do not get any info from the vehicle speed sensors etc. - they calculate speed and distance by measuring movement against the satellites.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    UncleJay, Our Toyota GPS system gets lost in relation to the map display. While GPS will continue to track us, it will not be correct in relation of where it shows us to be on the map.
    Totaly worthless. Our kids Cell phones GPS will track their position and keep them oriented correctly on the map at all times and never gets lost.
    Our Toyota GPS gets disorinted to the map almost every time we go anywhere and is totally useless.
    Pretty disappointing for $5,000 option VS a cheap cell phone using a free app.
  • UncleJayUncleJay Member Posts: 4
    Sorry to hear that rtribble. it looks like the nav system is mounted in a standard double DIN sized opening, so actually you could replace it - with a Pioneer unit for example (Did that in my Altima very happy). That would cost about $ 1400 with installation.

    You say that the GPS does not match your position on the map, I wonder if reloading the map DVD might help (it can be ejected using the INFO function and dropping the face plate it is below the CD slot).

    You might also check if the correct lat-long is being located, which unfortuantely will require either a second GPS or a topo chart to verify.
  • rtribblertribble Member Posts: 45
    UncleJay thanks for the input and I would advise any potential buyer to consider an aftermarket GPS as you suggest.
    I have the Platinum model and everything is tied through that GPS system that controls a lot of other functions outside the GPS so I wouldn't want to loose those other functions by removing it.
    A cheap little Garman stand alone hand GPS will do the job but not as convenient as in dash.
    I can and do re-calibrate my Toyota GPS by starting from a precise known position, but of course if I always knew precisely where I was I wouldn't need the GPS to start with.
    Our kids go with us a lot and if we need to know where we are they just turn on their I Phone and it locates us instantly and has never gotten our position disoriented to the map.
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    I just purchased a 2010 Sequoia from an auction. Only 8K miles. In the photos of the vehicle, the head unit was active and at the home page.

    When the vehicle was delivered the head unit was on but the screen was black and it said NO DVD, INSERT MAP DVD. The MAP DVD for the 2010 Sequoia came today. However, when loaded into the lower slot, the head unit did not activate and I could not set up the Nav. Additionally, no other functions work either, such as back up cam, FM, XM, AM, or regular CD as the MAP DVD must be installed for everything to work.

    Am I just missing something in the set up. Any function key that needs to be set or certain code or button order that needs to be pushed.

    Please help.

    Also, you can email your responses to [email protected] AND to [email protected]

    :( :mad: :cry: :confuse:
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    Please don't include email addresses in postings to the Forums. Thanks!

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    Does anyone know how to determine what generation your navigation system is? I own a 2008 Sequoia Platinum.
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    My 2012 Toyota Sequoia came with the standard head unit. So I bought an OEM Nav unit. I was able to get everything plugged in and working except the voice guidance gps. It just says drive to the highlighted area to start voice guidance.

    I was told I need the speed sensor wire plugged into the unit but I have no idea where it is or where it goes.
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