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1999 Volvo XC70

chris127chris127 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Volvo
I'm looking at buying a 1999 XC70 with 85,000 miles. I will be having it checked out by a mechanic. This will be a car for my child who is a college student in New England. Any comments? Bad idea? good idea? forget about it?


  • ngnolangnola Posts: 1
    A little late to respond maybe but I am a college student and I have owned a 1998 V70XC for 4 years. It currently has close to 120k miles - I have all of the original service records from the previous owner and the only problems the car has ever had is the ABS control unit and the A/C blower fan. All the other repairs were minor and routine - maybe totally 3k in total over 4 years - which is pretty good for a car that gets driven cross country and in the mountains all the time. My dealer I have it serviced at is excellent and they will not let the car go until they are sure that everything is in good working order - the mechanics will even stay late to get the car back that day. This is our family's 3rd Volvo and it is great (well except for the 2004 S80 sedan - horrible car) But our 2 XC70 wagons have been great.

    On a side note also very safe - I have been in 3 accidents with no damage to the car or me at all. 1. The car rolled down an embankment 2. Got rear ended on the high way by a person going 60 3. Someone's windshield flew off on the high way going 70 and landed on my windshield - and nothing only a couple of small nicks and scratches from where the glass landed/broke.
  • I have recently bought two Volvos one an 1999XC and one a 1998V70 AWD, and my wife and i use them for our taxi buisness. Great cars if you have a good mechanic to help identify problems before they get big. Use regular gas, premium gas makes engine run hard. Use high quality, non synthetic oil for high mileage cars, don't scrimp on maitenence. However my problem is figuring out a clicking noise that was thought to be a drive line (new factory built installed), CV axles/joints fine, tires excellent, however we recently discovered a motor mount broken?? Could this put enough stress on drive line to create this clicking noise (intermetiment, but really loud at times).
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