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Lexus GS Real World MPG

caoyijiancaoyijian Posts: 16
edited March 2014 in Lexus
07 GS350 AWD under 1000 miles. Get 20 mpg in mixed driving.
Please share yours.


  • 08 GS350 with 1500 mile. 24mpg mixed highway and city. I'm still driving gently, but able to enjoy the power from time to time.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    About right when it's under 5000 miles.
    After that I get about 23-24 MPG in mix driving (60% highway).
  • I am only getting 16.5 in mixed driving in 08 GS350
  • I am averaging 21 on my 2006 GS 300 AWD Mixed driving.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    Sounds about right. My 08 GS350 gets 21 around town (suburbia, no highway included) and 28+ on the highway. Amazing MPG considering the 5.7 sec 0-60 !!!
  • My AWD GS doesn't give me beyond 27.5 no matter How much I try holding the speed around 60-65. I tried both manual and Auto/ cruise modes while locking the RPM at 2200. this on 92 premium gas.

    However when I drive my friend's RWD GS it gives me above 28. he only gets 26/ gal and he uses regular Gas.

    She thinks I am a better driver and I think I am doing some thing wrong with my car when I see you guys posting 28 + or 30 or even 31.

    All this on highway Driving .

    Although I am not worried about Highway performance, any tips to improve mileage on Local roads (which is killing me as most of my driving is on local roads with lots of stop signs and Traffic lights) is welcome . I keep trying both manual and auto modes keeping the revs below 2000 to no use ( 18). I read posts on the internet about 21 in city and even my friends RWD GS gives him 20 in city. She hits the pedal for rapid acceleration above 3500 rpm every time he drives.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    The problem is your AWD car is driving all 4 wheels which takes more power and therefore more fuel. If you look at the EPA rating, the RWD is 19/27 and the AWD is 18/25. So you are getting what is expected. Before I bought my GS350 I looked at the Infiniti offerings (since we owned 2 Infinitis) and discarded them because they get too low MPG - 16/23 for the RWD M35, 17/24 for the RWD G35. I am very impressed with my mileage, I got over 29 MPG in highway driving on the second tank (first tank provided by the dealer and had test drives, etc). I dont think the manual mode helps the gas mileage. The only time I use it is to put the car in a low gear before hitting a corner (a few times a week) or going up/down extremely steep mountains (like on 24 between Chattanooga & Nashville).
  • I get around 20mpg city and 28-29 on long hwy trips.. I lve in FL which is pretty flat so.. that helps.. hwy I usually have cruise set at 70-75mph..

  • tahoeridetahoeride Posts: 2
    With my 2006AWD, I average 27 mixed driving (summer gas), and 32 on the interstate. I have 23K on the clock, full syn oil,,, Must be the Rocky Mtn air
  • I drive about 25 miles each way to work and have been getting 25-26 mpgs mixed driving and as high as 30 on longer trips. I have used mid grade fuel with no problems :blush:
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