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Can I put 15" wheels on my '93 awd? What offset is needed? Were there 15'" factory wheels? I'm new here, just got this van and I'm looking for info.


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    yes they had factory 15 inch. my 92 has them. cant help with the offset though.
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    i have a ford arestar xl and the rear right wheel will go forwards but not backwards it is so bad it knocked the peice of towtruck off when they pulled it backwards how do i fix the wheel so it will go backwards again :confuse:
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    Is there any way to get a relatively goog idea of the rolling resistance of a particular tire. EG Traction TA vs Goodyear Comfort Tread vs Avid TZR? Thanks
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    I have not seen or heard of a factory 15" wheel for any of the Aerostars. I do know that you can find the factory offset @ the web pages. I am running factory alloys from a 1995 Mustang GT 16" wheels on my 1996 Aerostar and they work quite well and have 1994-1996 Ford Town Car 15" alloys on my Mom's 94 Aerostar. BTW these 15" alloys are very close to the same offset and rim width, where as the 16" rims and wheels I am running are bit wider then stock.

    You can buy the 14" factory alloys, expensive and hard to find the right size tires. Factory size was 215/7014 or 215/75/14 or go up a size or two on rims and take the profile down and have a tire of the right size. Going to a 15" or 16" rim means coming down in profile size I run a 225/55/16" tire to stay close to the same # of rotations, minimal speedometer error. When I change them out I will get a 215/55/16 or a 215/60/15 next as I get a little bit of tire rub on occassion. A 15" rim should run a 65 or 60 series tire, you may wish to stay with the 215 width or go slightly wider.
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    why do you put bigger wheels on the van ,does it make it go faster ?
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    Wheels and tires don't make it faster. But it makes the handling better.
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