Resetting mileage data.

mg7mg7 Member Posts: 1
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looking at a 2006 yukon xl with 23k miles but engine run timer displays 173 hours. Is this a resettable timer? Is this possible?


  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539
    I don't know what that is all about. Mine (2005 Yukon XL) seems to reset occasionally, currently reads 10.1 hours. Seems like it had run up into the hundred at some point. I don't know if its hours since the last time it sat idle for more than a couple days? Or if there's something wrong. Weird.
  • winky1winky1 Member Posts: 2
    I've noticed the same thing with my 2006 Yukon XL. The engine hours are really low (less than 50), but I have 20k miles on it.
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