Swaping the motor on my 05 350Z

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I have a 05 350Z Touring edition. want 2 try something new " if possable" I want to swap the current 3.5 liter V6 with a RB26DETT out of a nissan Skyline GTR34. I want 2 know if that is possable..


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    Anything is possible with the right amount of $$$$. I'm not sure it's such a good idea though. Probably a lot more effort than it's worth.

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    put an SR20DET or an VH45..they both fit...with a bit of work
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    Yes, its very possible. It very rare in America right now, but has been done in Japan. No question if you get this swap done with a very good job you will win car shows easy. But first I will tell you a smart thing to think about before you do this. What is your goals for your car. If 400 whp or less is in your goals then its not worth it because the vq35 can produce that goal easy. The RB26 is a phenomenon engine because it can produce up to 1400 hp from building up this inline 6. Me and my friend who have done rb26 swaps in 240sx and 300zx's. I have already blueprinted and planned every dollar I will have to spend for this to be done to my 350z. You have to think buying the engine to exhaust, custom drive shaft,oil pan, custom mounts, boost controller,and alot more will come up. PLUS because the rb26 weighs more than the vq35 you will need to carbon fiber the hood bumper and fenders if you want to maintin the 350z 47/53 wieght ratio. (YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THE CARBON FIBER). Either way I wish you the best and hope you do the same for me. Please just dont put an sr20 in it. That is such Bull Crap. Everyone will laugh at you. Your VQ35 is way stonger than sr20. dont beleive everyone. Please do as much research as you can because people have no lives and want people to ruin their project because thier losers and are jealous. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
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    While we are talking about swaps in Nissans, anyone have the feasability of doing a G37 swap to accomodate AWD + MT? I think someone did it in Japan or out West but curious if anyone on here had any thoughts on it.

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    If you have a Z-car, you must do the Inline-6, it's been this way since the release of Datsun's 240Z.

    Only S-car's rock the Inline-4, such as 240SX, 200SX, etc.

    Good luck on your project, I've seen it done numerous times in Japan, just a matter of time before someone out here does it, if it hasn't been done already ;) .
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    the 300ZX was actually a V6.
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