GMC Yukon Daytime Running Lights

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I just bought a used 2005 Yukon Denali XL in Florida and have brought it back into Canada. The vehicle has daytime running lights - which is a requirement in Canada, however the master light switch has the ability to turn off the DTRL's... and this is a no-no in Canada.

Does anyone know if the onboard computer can be re-programmed to disable the ability to turn off the DTRL's?

Alternatively, is there a wire than can be disconnected from the master lighting switch on the dashboard so that the ability to turn off the DTRL's can be taken away? Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or details on the back side of the master light switch?


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    Just some thoughts:

    1. The DTRL circuit is operated by the Light Switch; however, managed/controlled by the BCM, so have you checked with you local dealership if they can program the BCM to have the DTRL always ON?

    2. Have you checked with your local GMC dealership parts department to see if the light switch that they have in Canada is different from the US version (having the option/position to turn OFF the DTRL)? Can't believe it can be that simple though... I think programming the BCM has a better chance.

    Good Luck!
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    Is the switch on the dashboard where you can take it out (hide the switch behind the dash board) and plug that hole with a match-color cover that you can order the parts dept? As long as nobody sees that switch, so turn-off DRL.
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    It's not a separate switch. DRL's are turned off by turning the one and only light switch to the left. It rests on Auto. It's not marked "DRL Off" or anything, I bet most American owners don't even know that they can turn them off. I'm finding it hard to describe in writing, but it's pretty simple. The default setting is DRL on (which it returns to every time you restart the car, even if you did have them off before). I assume GM somehow disables that function for vehicles sold in Canada, but unless some inspector really knows a lot about this particular vehicle and that it was originally in the US, they will probably not even know that the DRL's can be turned off. I wouldn't worry about it too much. (Easy for me to say, I know!)
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