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I travel the state of Texas for work, usally 3-6 hour road trips are required weekly. I will very rarely tow, but I want a diesel anyway. Am I throwing money away and should I just settle on a gas engine truck? Experiences on cost of ownership please, but opinions welcome too. Thanks in advance.



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    I'm considering purchasing my first diesel. I am seriously considering the Duramax/Allison combo but have had several friends report only getting approximately 12 mpg. I like the ride and interior of the GM as opposed to the Dodge...However last week I went fishing with a friend in his Dodge (programmed with a Bullydog and upgraded tourque converter) and that truck screemed. We averaged over 20 mpg and he could smoke the tires without trying. I like the idea of the Cummons but I'm not sure about the Iason tranny. The GM seems to be holding it's value a bit better but the Cummons was a really strong motor. I will be towing toys (boat, bikes, and 4 wheelers). Any suggestions?
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    For what it's worth, I bought an 06 Chevy Duramax (LB7 version) with 27K miles on it nearly 3 months ago. Completely stock engine, tires, etc. Don't really tow, but bought it for the potential better fuel mileage over my old 99 Silverado w/ the 6.0L gas ( 14 on a good week). The first tank was 20.7 mpg and I have gotten 21-21.5 consistently since. I do about an equal mix of 2-lane country roads, interstate and stop&go city. The truck is amazingly quiet for a diesel and runs like a bandit. Best decision I've made in years! Hope this helps.
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    After reading extensively and test driving late model Dodge and Chevy 3/4 ton diesel, 4 door (quad or crew cabs), 2wd, short bed trucks, I still wonder which would be the better choice. I'm looking for evidence, not just opinion :D

    2004-2006 Dodge 5.9L positives are Cummins engine, shorter turning radius, lower used cost to buy ;
    negatives are questionable auto tranny, cramped back seat

    2004-2006 Chevy 6.6L positives are Allison auto tranny, plush back seat ; negatives are questionable fuel system, high turning radius, higher used cost to buy

    To me, it looks like the safest bet is to buy a Dodge with a 5 spd manual-what do you guys think???

    Also, how can you know if a used truck is in good mechanical condition besides driving and having a mechanic check it out???
    With the wide range of responses to appropriate fuel mileage, how do you know if the truck you are buying is on the upper end of the scale (~20 mpg hwy) without filling it up and driving it on a long trip, which is impractical if buying a vehicle.

    I know these are good questions, but I don't have the answers- perhaps you do!
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